Master Index : Computer Hardware Buyers’ Glossary

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The following index is sorted alphabetically in columns, like a phone book.
16-bit 386sx 3G 4G
32-bit 3D printer 40486 64-bit
386 3D scanner 486
AC adapter Advanced Configuration and Power Interface Amazon Kindle Fire applications atto
AC charger AGP Amazon Kindle II Arduino audio
AC power bar allocation unit Amazon Kindle Touch ATA
Acer Amazon Kindle AMD Athlon
ACPI Amazon Kindle 3G Android Atom
Acronis Disk Director Amazon Kindle DX Apple atomic clock
backup bcdedit BlackBerry Playbook Boot-It Bare Metal burning
Bare Metal BIOS BlueTrack Boot-It NG burning CD/DVDs
battery black edition boot boot.iniessay price burster
BBS BlackBerry boot manageressay price breakout box bus
cablesessay price recommended CD backup cell phone cleaning keyboards contact cleaning
CAC CD burning cellphone click contact treating
cache CD case centi clock continuous forms
Caig Labs CD cleaning Centrino cluster size core
camera CD recycling CGA cluster tips CPS
canned air CD shredder chair CMOS CPU
card reader CD-R Cherry keyboard Colour Wax Printer CPU cleaning
carrying case CD-ROM CHRP Common Access Card CramiStab
case CD-RW cleaning compact keyboards Cromolin
Cathode Ray Tube CDMA cleaning CDs compressed air CrossFire
CD CDRAM cleaning DVDs compressed gas CRT
CD and DVD cleaning Celeron cleaning DVDs and CDs connectorsessay price recommended Crusoe
D_back desk digital tape recorder dot matrix printer DVD backup
DAB+ desk clock Digital TV dot pitch DVD burning
DAO desk lamp Digital Video Recorder DRAM DVD case
Darkfield digital camera digital voice recorder driver DVD cleaning
DDR-SDRAM digital flash recorder digital voice tracer dry cell DVD drive
deca digital movie camera Direct RDRAM DSKessay price recommended DVD recycling
decollator digital phone disgo DTV DVD shredder
DeoxIT digital recorder DMA dust blaster Dvorakessay price recommended
DeoxIT Blue Digital Recorder dongle DVD DVR
DeoxIT Red digital sound recorder donut maker DVD and CD cleaning dynamic disk
e-ink ECP EISA ergonomics exa
earphones EDO RAM electronic ink ESDI external modem
eBook EGAdefunct onion electronic lock ESDRAM
ECMA-167 EIDE EPP Ethernet
fan FaxModem firewall flat screen freeware
fan cleaning femto firewire floor lamp FSB
fan-fold paper file tails firmware floppy function keys
fanfold paper fine tip permanent marker Flash BIOS foot pedal
FAT fingerprint reader flash drive form factor
geocaching giga glue GPU GSM
giclée gigabytes Google Android graphics accelerator
gifts gigahertz GPS graphics adapter
gig global positioning system GPS Datalogger gray scale
hard disk HDTV hecta hibernation state hyperthreading
hardware headphones herc hub Hypertransport
HDTune headset Hercules hybrid hard disk drive
i386 IEEE 802.11n Intel 386 introduction ISA
i386sx IEEE 802.3 Intel 386sx iPad isopropanol
i40486 ikey Intel 40486 iPad 2 isopropyl alcohol
i486 illin Intel 486 iPad 3 ISP
IBM keyboards iMac internal modem iPad 4 Itanium
IDE ink jet printer Internet iPhone
iDEN ink-jet printer Internet backup iPod
identity token Intel Internet Phone IRQ
Java jetflash Jitterbug jumpdrive jumper
Kensington Lock kilo Kindle DX Kindle Touch KVM switch
keyboard Kindle Kindle Fire Kinesis keyboardsprice recommended
keyboard cleaning Kindle 3G Kindle II Kobo
lamp Laserlight Lenovo LightScribe locked cellphone
LAN LBA Leopard Linux Logitech
laptop LCD lighting Lion LoJack
laser printer LED lightning Liquid Crystal Display
M-DISC MCI metric milli mouse
Macintosh mechanical-off state metric prefixes MMX mouse cleaning
mag tape backup meg MFM mobile phone mouse feet
MagicJack mega MHz mobo mouse matprice recommended
main board megabytes micro modem mouse padprice recommended
Malt keyboardsprice recommended megahertz microdotsessay price recommended monitor mouse skates
Maltron keyboardsprice recommended megs microphone monochrome mouse skatez
manuals memory brick Microsoft Surface motherboard movie camera
mb memory card reader MIDI MotionFlow multiread
NAMPS Nero 2014 Multimedia NetFlix Nook nVidia
nano Nero KwikMedia network printer notebook
Nero Net2Phone Newegg NT
Nero 2014 BackItUp netbook Nokia NTFS
OIS One Laptop Per Child open source Optical Image Stabilisation
OLPC Ooma Opteron OS X Lion
PACIFICA PCI Pentium pro Pocket PC PPV
Palm Pilot PCI-E permanent marker port Primus VOIP
paper shredder PCIe personal tracker port address print cartridge
parallel port PDA peta PostScript printer
partition pen drive pico posture PVR
partitioning Pentium PIO power bar
PartitionMagicdefunct price Pentium II plasma display power supply
PATA Pentium III Playbook PowerQuest
pay per view Pentium IV Plug & Play PPM
R55 contact treatment RDRAM Republic Of Gamers rewriteable ROM
radio-synched clock ReadyBoost Research In Motion RIM router
RAID recordable resolution RIM BlackBerry Playbook
RAM recorder retrevo Risograph
Raspberry PI recording CD/DVDs returns ROG
S/PDIF serial port Skype VOIP solder Stabilant
SafeType Vertical Keyboard server SLDRAM solid state disk static mat
Samsung server board sleeping state Sony eBook Reader static RAM
SAN SGRAM SLI sound stick
Sandford Sharpie fine tip permanent marker shareware slot sound card stiffy
SATA Sharpie fine tip permanent marker SMART sound channels Storage Area Network
Scalable Link Interface Shaw digital phone smart card reader spacesaver keyboards streaming webcam
scanner shredder snapshot webcam SPDIF super VGA
screen cleaning shrink wrap Snow Leopard speakers Surface
SCSI SI socket Spot surge protector
SDRAM skates soft-off state SRAM switch
Sempron skatez software SSD Système Internationale
tag RAM tera TigerDirect TrackPoint Turion
target audience thumb drive TiVo trackstick TV
television thumbdrive trackball trialware TV tuner card
U3 UFD UPS USB fob USB stick
UDF Universal Data Format USB USB GPS receiver
UFB upgrading USB flash drive USB port
VESA bus video card Vista Voice Over IP VRAM
VGA video connectors Vista Boot Manager VOIP VT
video adapter video on demand VOD Vonage VOIP
W2K3 Wi-Fi Windows 7 boot manager Windows Vista working state
wait states WiFi Windows 95 Windows XP WRAM
wall clock Win2K Windows 98 WinModem writing CD/DVDs
wave table Windows Windows CE WinXP
web Windows 2000 Windows ME Wirecutter
webcam Windows 2003 Windows NT wireless LAN
Xeon XP
yellow book yepto yocto yotta
zeta Zip drive

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