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CMP (Canadian Mind Products)’s purpose is to stand up for the rights of plants and animals. Animals also includes cetacea, humans, gay people, atheists, war victims and invertebrates. CMP attempts to inculcate planetary consciousness — concern for the planet as a whole. A subgoal is to teach people to use computers effectively, particularly with the Java computer language.
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The image in the top left corner is the Putin-Trump connection.

Trump’s Mission

Putin hacked Hillary’s computer and the DNC (Democratic National Committee) computer, created propaganda and presumably did few other favours to rig the election for Trump. Putin is the world’s richest man, and the Citizen’s United supreme court decision opened the doors for him to buy the election. Just what would Putin ask of Trump in return?

America closing down its empire will leave the world open for the Putin world empire.

Advantages of Trump

People outside the USA are wringing their hands in fear at what a Trump presidency will bring. It is not all bad for non-Americans.

  • Trump has promised to explode the debt of the USA, then default on it as he did with his own four bankruptcies. This will be the end of the USA as a major economic power. The baton will pass to other more trustworthy countries.
  • Trump has promised to renege on all trade treaties. This means tariffs will go up all over the world on US exports. Its exports will plummet. The USA will go into a major recession. It will no longer be able to throw its economic or military weight around.
  • Trump has, by his own admission, no sexual impulse control. He gang-raped a 13-year old virgin and sexually assaulted 18 women. He is scheduled in court for fraud at his Trump University. Now that he is president, these court cases will attract world attention and shame America. Think how much fuss something as minor as Bill Clinton’s blow job created. Americans are such a pain in the ass, such bullies, with their We’re #1 crap. This will shut them up for a while.
  • Since the Trump presidency is built on a stack of lies, and preposterously high expectations, he will be a huge disappointment. He will be a one-term president. He will poison the fortunes of the Republican party for decades to come.
~ Roedy (born:1948-02-04 age:69)

Trump Blackmail

On 2017-01-10 Buzzfeed published an unclassified US government security document that said two startling things:

  1. The Russians had compromising material on Donald Trump.
  2. Donald Trump and his team during the election were in constant contact with Putin.

They said it was perverse sexual acts done on Trump’s visit to Russia, including paying Russian prostitutes to let him pee on them and embarrassing financial information.

Trump is an idiot. Russian sparrows are well known for seducing and entrapping visiting politicians into compromising acts. He should have known he was being filmed.

Until this material is revealed, Trump is vulnerable to blackmail. He can’t function as president under that cloud. He has to come clean before the inauguration.

Given that both Trump and Putin created similar false news stories, and they were in constant contact, and Putin illegally influenced the election, Trump has dirty hands. He too was involved in rigging the election (as he promised). He cannot dance his way out of that one, not even to the satisfaction of the extreme right.

~ Roedy (born:1948-02-04 age:69)
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