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CMP (Canadian Mind Products)’s purpose is to stand up for the rights of plants and animals. Animals also includes cetacea, humans, gay people, atheists, war victims and invertebrates. CMP attempts to inculcate planetary consciousness — concern for the planet as a whole. A subgoal is to teach people to use computers effectively, particularly with the Java computer language.
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The image in the top left corner is Al Gore.

Climate Change Denial

People fall into various categories when it comes to climate change.

type examples
Republicans Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Scott Pruitt, Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Senator James Inhofe, Ben Stein, Rush Limbaugh.
These people know absolutely nothing about climate change. They are told it is a liberal conspiracy, so they would not be caught dead reading about it any more than they would the Communist Manifesto or the Atheist Debater’s Handbook. Their climate-change denials are based on peer-pressure and the echo-chamber.
faux climate change deniers The Koch Brothers, Chris Christie, Michael Crichton, Paul Driessen, Steven Milloy.
These are typically elderly people with extensive financial holdings in the sunset fossil fuel industries. They are fully aware of the climate change catastrophe bearing down on us, but they do not care. They will be dead. What matters is winning the money game in the little time they have left. So they spend billions on FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt) to confuse people about climate change. They can also be paid liars for the fossil fuel industry. They are willing to betray their planet for a decent sized hunk of change. source.
conspiracy theorists Alex Jones, Internet trollers
Some people just naturally gravitate to a conspiracy theory no matter how absurd. They like the idea of all scientists in the world secretly faking scientific data and peer reviewed articles, all of them motivated by greed. It does not bother them there was not one whistle-blower or one document. If the plot seems plausible to a non-scientist, it must be so, even if there is no evidence for it.
faux champions Justin Trudeau, Rachel Notley, Christy Clark
Usually politicians who claim to be champions of dealing with climate change, particularly setting targets for 2050 when they will no longer be in office. Yet they are ironically evangelists for pipelines and increased fossil fuel extractions. They oppose carbon taxes. They oppose investment in clean energy. They are puppets of their fossil-fuel contributors and their ignorant constituents demanding fossil-fuel jobs even if they destroy the planet.
lip servers wealthy liberals
These are people claim to be all for taking urgent action on climate change, but do nothing at all in their private lives to help. They still drive a gas guzzler, they never bike, their house is lit up like a Christmas tree with incandescent bulbs… They heat their whole house 24-7 whether they are home or not. They refuse to inconvenience themselves in the slightest on behalf of the planet.
third worlders people living outside North America and Europe.
People in the third world, on a per capita basis, emit far less CO₂ than we do. They have no cars. They have no giant houses to heat. They have no electric appliances. However, they are first to feel the sting of the consequence of climate change.
true champions Al Gore, David Suzuki, Elizabeth May, Andrew Weaver, Guy Dauncey, Jared Diamond, Gwynne Dyer, Tim Flannery, Richard Heinberg, George Monbiot, Bill Maher.
People who work tirelessly to educate the public about climate change, to debunk the climate change deniers. They put up with extreme abuse.

Evil Moneylenders

History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit and violent means possible, to maintain their control over governments, by controlling money and its issuance.

~ James Madison (born:1751-03-16 died:1836-06-28 at age:85)

How little has changed!

Motives For Terrorism

I have heard terrorism experts talking from all over the world. They nearly all make the same error. They presume terrorists have no motive for their attacks. The experts claim terrorists simply hate the west for no reason.

I find this astounding. Surely terrorism experts would have completed a deep study of the motivations of terrorists. They are not mysterious. Bin Laden explained his reasons. The terrorist recruitment sites give their reasons. The reasons are obvious: the United States illegally and unprovoked attacked Afghanistan and Iraq, killed millions of people, mostly children, used banned weapons and routinely used torture then sold off the oil. Further, the west has supported Israel in taking Palestinian land and funded its apartheid system. These are not classified secrets.

We can’t very well commit atrocities like those and expect the victims to be totally cool with them. My question is, are these experts really that stupid, or are they just following the party propaganda line?

~ Roedy (born:1948-02-04 age:68)
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