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Hidden Past

They[creationists] have this absurd notion that something that occurs in the past and that is not subject to direct observation is not provable. That’s nonsense… There is a mystery as to how evolution occurs, but there is not a whole lot of doubt as to whether it occurs.

~ Dr. Stephen Jay Gould (born:1941-09-10 died:2002-05-20 at age:60).

Why Christians Hate Gays

There are tens of thousands of commandments in the bible. Christians ignore nearly all of them. However, they are particularly attached to the ones that tell them to kill gays.

Non-gay Christians use these commandments as an excuse to vent hatred and spite, hurt others, and feel profoundly virtuous about it, even when the gays they hurt do them no harm. Unlike shaming other sins, they are safe from being accused of hypocrisy. It is not a sin they ever indulge.

Closeted gay Christians dramatically fulminate against gays as part of their camouflage. The more hateful they are, they hope the less likely their cover will be blown.

Closeted gay Christians get particularly angry with out-gays, since the Christians are being abstemious or stealthy making themselves miserable. They resent the out-gays having a wonderful time, socialising, having sex and enjoying loving relationships. The Christians are going to all this onerous work repressing themselves. The nerve of the out-gays to make no effort at all!

~ Roedy (born:1948-02-04 age:68)

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