Trucks: Greenhouse Gas Culprits

Although they [light and medium trucks] have only 5% of the transportation market…, they account for fully 35% of greenhouse gas emissions from freight transportation.

~ David Suzuki Foundation (born:1990 age:25) 2002-09

Capitalism is Incompatible With Survival

The industrialized nations have to start cutting their emissions by about 8 to 10 percent per year, which is incompatible with capitalism. You cannot reconcile that level of emission reduction with an economic system that needs continual growth.

~ Naomi Klein (born:1970-05-08 age:45)

I heard Bob Rae, the former leader of the Ontario NDP (New Democratic Party) argue this point with Jeremy Rifkin on the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) Ideas program. Rae argued that Canadians believe it is unthinkable to attempt to deal with climate change except with the type of capitalism we currently have in Canada and the USA. He argued essentially that Canadians would sooner destroy the world than modify its rapacious economic system. This sounds like the kind of insanity you hear from religious fanatics. It was not clear if he was horrified by this or if he thought that way too.

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