Human Rights

Human Rights

Creation of Life

To recreate the conditions thought to exist on Earth when life began, scientists used a giant laser to ignite chemical reactions that converted a substance found on the early Earth into the molecular building blocks of DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid), the blueprint for life.

~ Tanya Lewis source

Creationists claim that the spontaneous creation of DNA is impossible. It looks like that probably is not so. After all, we having been doing it every day in the lab for years. Regroup creationists! Hint: claim that it is a miracle that the building blocks of DNA spontaneously form. Claim, as usual without evidence, that Jehovah, the master chemist of the bible, so designed chemistry that this could happen automatically in the natural course of things, like an aquarist setting up an automated fish feeder so that his direct action is no longer required.



Today, the world is seriously overpopulated at 7.3 billion. It hit 1 billion around 1825. Prior that, people needed large families to ensure descendants. Today those ancient outmoded attitudes still persist. People with children scorn those without. Parents press their children to marry and multiply. Those who drive an SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) damage the environment for a decade plus the thousand years it takes for the earth to deal with the CO₂ emitted. Yet those who have excess children damage the environment not only for lifetime of their children, but also for the lifetimes of all their tree of descendants, each driving their SUV s and heating their homes. It is time to make life as unpleasant as legally permitted for prolific breeders, especially selfish freaks like the octomom.

~ Roedy (born: 1948-02-04 age: 67)

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