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Unsustainable Economies

Any economic system where there is a net flow of wealth from the poor to the rich is unstable and unsustainable. Republicans refuse to acknowledge this. The early Christians and early Muslims understood. That is why Christians banned usury and Muslims introduced the Zakāt an annual wealth redistribution mechanism. The converse, a net flow of wealth from the rich to the poor, no matter what you think of the fairness or wisdom of it, is not only stable, it is self-limiting.

~ Roedy (born:1948-02-04 age:69)
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Fallout of the Email Scandal

Let’s say lying Donald Trump manages to sell the American people that Hillary accidentally using the wrong email server is the crime of the century and he wins. What’s next?

  • There are 18 women waiting to take Trump to court for sexual assault. Trump will have a problem 18 times bigger than Bill Clinton did. Bill got blow jobs. Trump committed felony sexual assaults. That would be enough to impeach him.
  • Trump has made all kinds of grand promises that he cannot keep, either because they are unconstitutional, or because they require the consent of both the house and senate, or because they are far too expensive. People who voted for him will feel betrayed.
  • Once you are president you can’t get away with lies and promises. You have to deliver. You have to know what you are doing. Trump is incompetent. He will be the worst president in history. There won’t be another Republican president for a generation.
  • He has made all manner of deep enemies including: the Republican party, Hispanics, blacks, gays, women, Muslims… More than half the country hates him. They will unite to see that his presidency fails. The only thing that keeps him alive politically, is he has managed to convince so many people that Hillary is crooked. With her out the way he will become everyone’s punching bag. We know Trump will overreact with paranoia, emotion and vindictiveness. Recall that Nixon, someone much more mentally stable than Trump, contemplated starting a nuclear war when the nation rejected him.
  • The most important thing that will happen is a consequence of Donald being a climate change denier. We will miss the window. It will be too late for any subsequent president pull us back from the brink. Over the next century, we gradually and inevitably will go extinct. Americans volunteered to commit mass suicide because of a wrong email server. It is tragic, but also funny, worthy of a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.
  • Even if you are a climate change denier and dyed in the wool Republican, you should not vote for Trump, purely for strategic reasons. Surely you want there to be a viable Republican party a decade from now.
~ Roedy (born:1948-02-04 age:69)
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