Canadian Mind Products Computer Hardware Buyers’ Glossary

Canadian Mind Products
Computer Hardware Buyers’ Glossary

Fusion Drawbacks

Fusion energy perpetually recedes 50 years into the future. However, I wonder if we ever get there, if fusion will be quite the panacea advertised. Sea water contains deuterium in microscopic amounts, yet the deuterium in a gallon of sea water is equivalent to 300 gallons of gasoline. However, you can’t use raw sea water in a reactor. You must extract and purify the deuterium aka heavy hydrogen. Heavy water D₂O and water H₂O behave the identically chemically, so you must use a process that takes advantage of the fact deuterium is slightly heavier that hydrogen, like repeated distillation or repeated electrolysis of water. This takes huge amounts of energy. You may have to invest so much energy preparing the fuel that the energy return is not worth the candle.

~ Roedy (born: 1948-02-04 age: 66)
introduction Intro desk HDTV motherboard(CPU) What’s New
atomic clock digital TV (DTV/HDTV) headset (headphone, microphone, speakers) mouse (mouse feet, mouse pad) speakers
backup cellphone (BlackBerry, iPhone) keyboard (DSK, Cherry, Kinesis) partition SSD
cables digital recorder iPad power supply USB
case (computer, DVD) DVD (carrying case) iPhone printer (inkjet, laser) USB flash drive
cleaning eBook (Kindle, Kobo, Nook, Sony) iPod RAM video card
moose  contact Ethernet Linux router webcam
hard disk monitor sound card WiFi
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Godwin’s Law

As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one.
~ Mike Godwin (born: 1956-10-26 age: 57) Godwin’s Law, co-inventor of Java.

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