Index for the letter S : Computer Hardware Buyers’ Glossary


S/PDIF server skatez solder static mat
SafeType Vertical Keyboard server board Skype VOIP solid state disk static RAM
Samsung SGRAM SLDRAM Sony eBook Reader stick
SAN shareware sleeping state sound stiffy
Sandford Sharpie fine tip permanent marker Sharpie SLI sound card Storage Area Network
SATA Sharpie fine tip permanent marker slot sound channels streaming video
Scalable Link Interface Sharpie permanent marker SMART spacesaver keyboards streaming webcam
scanner Shaw digital phone smart card reader SPDIF super VGA
screen cleaning Shomi snapshot webcam speakers Surface
SCSI shredder Snow Leopard Spotprice recommended surge protector
SDRAM shrink wrap socket SRAM switch
Sempron SI soft-off state SSD Système Internationale
serial port skates software Stabilant

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