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What’s New

The CurrCon Java Applet displays prices on this web page converted with today’s exchange rates into your local international currency, e.g. Euros, US dollars, Canadian dollars, British Pounds, Indian Rupees… CurrCon requires an up-to-date browser and Java version 1.7 or later, preferably 1.8.0_20. If you can’t see the prices in your local currency, Troubleshoot. Use Chrome for best results.

Java Iraq, Money, Religion, Ethics… Gay Roedy’s Health

Dogs are Getting Bigger

Dogs are getting bigger, according to a leading dog manufacturer.

~ Leo Rosten (born: 1908-04-11 died: 1997-02-19 at age: 88)
Java Glossary

RSS feed for the Java glossary
RSS feed for the Java glossary

Java Glossary and Computer Buyers’ glossary

The following essays and entries recently changed:

  • What’s That Char: Student project for a utility to help you identify characters and find entities for them.
  • payment schemes: Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the various payment schemes people have come up with.
  • QuickDNS: A free utility to keep the IPs in your hosts. file up to date. This allow faster more accurate DNS look up of websites in your browser.
  • SQLStomp: SQL/JDBC generator student project.
  • daemon: daemon vs user Threads.
  • mouse: There are a number of new mouse models with specs.
  • OATH: Open Authentication. It is an industry group working on standards for such things as security tokens.
  • NCIX: I have added NCIX Canada and NCIX USA to the list of stores you can click through to buy various electronics.
  • Live ID: multisite logon.
  • ePassport: Electronic passports.
  • Two Factor Authentication: Pairing up a security token with passwords.
  • Rabbit TV: A very low cost way to view TV shows and movies on your computer.
  • Shomi: A competitor to NetFlix coming in 2014-11.
  • Replicator Plus: A student project to unsure broadcast documents, or plagiarised documents stay up to date.
  • Unicode Viewer: Unicode viewer fonts are now easier to read because they are 20% bigger and anti-aliased.
  • coverage fonts: Fonts with wide variety of supported glyphs.
  • Font Creator: Commercial utility to edit and create fonts.
  • font stitcher: Student project to stitch fonts together to form one with covereage of all the characters you need, with no unneeded fat.
  • #: More than you wanted to know about the #, the octothorpe.
  • soap: Some thoughts on choosing a soap.
  • scent: Some thoughts on choosing an after-shave or cologne.
  • fontlist: Utility to generate an HTML page that samples all the fonts you have installed.
  • Link Replacer: Efficiently update links on a huge website.
  • Modernizr: A JavaScript library for determining a browser’s capabilities
  • Conditional-CSS: A techique for customising CSS style sheets for different browsers.
  • browser detect: Techniques for finding out what browser your HTML is being rendered in.
  • Exception Site List: White List to allow legacy Applets and Java Web Start apps to continue to run.
  • RIA: Rich Internet Application
  • GWT: Google Web Toolkit
  • Sand Depth: Calculates how much sand you need to fill various aquariums to a desired depth.
  • jar prune: Student project to prune the fat from jar files by warning you of classes included that are never referenced (though possibly dynamically loaded) enabling you to create a trimmed down manifest.
  • GET to POST: Student project GET ⇒ POST to allow people to put links on their websites that when clicked, POST to other websites.
  • tape measure: considerations when buying a tape measure (yes an ordinary carpenter’s tape measure).
  • ::: the double colon lambda operator.
  • SlimJet: SlimJet is a new browser almost identical to Chrome.
  • SlimJet: rearranger. Student project to sort elements of Java source code in user-defined order.
  • autoexec.bat: The equivalents to DOS’s config.sys and autoexec.bat in Windows.
  • Evernote: The various utilites from Evernote for organising clips.
  • multi screen: handling web requests from users with wildly differing sized screens.
  • LifeCoach: student project to create a computerised life coach.
  • Weighted Random Choices: Randomly choosing with weighting using either int or float weights.
  • shuffle: how to shuffle an array
  • labelling: various techniques for labelling things, and ideas for things you might want to label, but never before considered doing so.
  • NAS: Network Attached Storage
  • recipe optimiser: A app to help you perfect recipes for everything from cookies to laundry detergent.
  • VIPRE: VIPRE anti-virus.
  • HashMap: Terse iteration over a HashMap with lambda expressions.
  • concurrency: The difference between concurrency and parallelism.
  • Copy: Why copying should be a feature of the OS not of applications.
  • HTML Static Macros: I have just completed a major refoctoring of HTML Static macros. The main difference you will notice is in the electronics section. It won’t send you quite so often to stores unless they actually have the item is stock. On my side, I can regenerate the website more quickly since the new code uses less memory.
  • PAD: The conversion from PAD version 3.11 to 4.0 has been proceeding at a glacial pace. ASP keeps upping the ante on how perfect they want PADs to be before they will accept them. The criteria they use for acceptability are not posted. I have been figuring them out by experiment and documenting them.
  • break: break keyword to jump out of a loop.
  • continue: continue keyword to jump to the end of a loop.
  • Elvis operator: Elvis operator for dealing with possibly null references.

RSS feed for various ethical concerns
RSS feed for various ethical concerns

Ethics, Environment, Animal Rights, Human Rights, Politics, Money, Religion, Living Love, Esperanto and Deep Thoughts Essays

The following essays and entries recently changed:

Gay & Black Glossary

RSS feed for the Gay and Black glossary
RSS feed for the Gay and Black glossary

Gay & Black Glossary

I recently changed the following essays and entries:

  • shaving: Information on wet-shaving.
pills Roedy’s health

I am doing reasonably well with HIV (Human Imumuno-deficiency Virus). My new drugs are now holding down the HIV. Nausea and diarrhea are tolerable. I am not sleeping all the time. Last revised/verified: 2014-08-25

Public Domain Public Domain Status In the event of my death, the entire mindprod.com website will revert to the public domain, including downloadable programs and source. You will be welcome to repost and modify any or all of the material on the website. Knowledge keeps no better than fish. I don’t let people repost my material with a few exceptions (e.g. print or foreign languages). The problem is I am constantly changing everything, and there is still no technology to keep all the other copies up to date.
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Religious Busybodies

The state of the euthanasia debate can be summed up thusly: various religious busybodies want to impose their religious superstitions on the terminally ill and restrict their freedom of choice about end-of-life decisions.

~ Roedy (born: 1948-02-04 age: 66)

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