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God Defends Himself

Many people, most notably Steven Fry, have tongue lashed God for such cruelty as creating eye worms that eat out the eyes of children. Here God Defends himself.

There are always a worst thing in the world and worst thing in the universe. You should have seen the previous draft. There were bats that bored through your walls and drank your blood. Do you give me credit for cancelling them? If I were to get rid of all of the diseases, parasites and congenital defects, there would still be a worst thing in the world. You might start bitching and moaning that bananas were not big enough, and feel very hard done by because, after all, that was the worst thing in the world.

~ God

BSing Christians

If Christians truly believed that a wafer converts into a bloody slice of the ancient corpse of Jesus Christ, surely they would insist on cooking it first before partaking in the cannibalism ceremony.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)

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