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Limits On The Universe

The universe couldn't have come into existence by it self… that’s crazy… what are the chance of a little energy coming out of nothing?

~ John Johnson

You have a brain the size of a cantaloupe. How is that brain supposed to know for certain what the entire universe may or may not do, especially when that brain has carefully avoided learning anything about how the cosmos does behave?

But Quantum Mechanics shows particles pop into and out of existence all the time and the universe was smaller than an atom at the big bang. So no big deal. Your computer could not work if that were not so.

What I find really odd, is in your view, if you add a wizard and a magic wand, then the universe has no problem popping into existence. The wizard explains nothing. It just adds the puzzles where did the wizard come from? Who made the wizard’s gown? Where did the wand come from? How does waving a wand create universes? How does the wand know what the wizard wants to create? Does it have an ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) interface? Where is the wizard before he creates space? What was he doing before he got into the creation business? What is he doing now the creation is over and he has become undetectable? How did he create himself? You have not explained anything. You have just exploded the complexity of the problem.


Toxic Beliefs

Religions, particularly fundamentalist religions, instill toxic beliefs in their adherents. Some of these beliefs, near the top of the list, society can tolerate. Others, near the bottom it cannot.

  1. Claiming that miracles happened in the past, e.g. that Mohammad flew to the heavens on the back of a horse.
  2. Claiming that prayer will help someone recover from illness.
  3. Insisting that only ineffective means should be used to treat sick children.
  4. A belief that their religious beliefs and their desires trump everyone else’s. For example, a group of Muslims moved in next to a pig farm in the USA. The owner’s family had been running the pig farm for 200 years. The Muslims then demanded the farmer stop raising pigs because, in their view, living near pigs was wicked, and the farmer had no right to do it under Islamic law and they wanted to build a mosque on the land they purchased. The farmer countered that the Muslims should not have moved in next door knowing there was an existing pig farm. US law permits raising pigs so Islamic law was irrelevant. The Muslims offered no compensation. They behaved in a preposterously high handed way based on their belief in their own superiority to non-Muslims.
  5. Discriminating against gay people and killing them for religious reasons. Christians mostly call for others to kill gays. Muslim extremist groups kill gays and also kill anyone who calls for gay equality. In many parts of the world, e.g. Africa and the middle east, the state kills gays at the urging of religion.
  6. Belief that you should kill anyone who does not have the exact same religious beliefs as you do. The bible commands you to kill not only all non-believers but all people living in the same village. Thankfully, most modern Christians ignore this verse Deuteronomy 13:13-17. ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), Boko Haram and other fanatical Muslims routinely kill infidels.

The question remains, just how far should we go to eliminate these toxic beliefs? Just how tolerant should we be of this nutty, hurtful behaviour? My thinking is we should be equally firm when the behaviour is motivated by religion and by malice. We must not let religious bullies control our lives. Giving in to them just encourages them.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)

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