Creation ⇒ God?

God exists and He can be seen to exist by what has been created.

~ Willpower242 of YouTube

That is a conclusion of someone who knows nothing about science, relying purely on intuition. Every time science tackles a problem once thought the purview of god, e.g. lightning, disease or weather, science discovers it is controlled by natural laws. There is absolutely no sign of a deity tweaking the workings of the universe, never, not once. We even understand the big bang back to 1 billionth of a second after the start. We have created life in the laboratory by artificially creating DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) sequences. We don’t know everything, but everything so far has been natural causes. So the creation is not necessarily evidence for a god. It is much more likely to be natural causes too. Attributing the supernatural is a childish way of saying I don’t know.

Second the bible’s account of creation is ridiculous on 1000+ particulars. If a god created the universe, it was not the god of the bible. Some creationists have resorted to claiming god faked many things to make it look like the universe were 13 billion years old and evolution were true. Would it not be more plausible that they actually are true?

The other argument Christians use is the bible. They claim it is inerrant and so perfect it had to have been authored by a supernatural being. This a preposterous claim. Whomever wrote the bible knew only what desert dwellers 3000 years ago knew. The creator of the universe would know far more than we do about how universes work. The authors of the bible thought π was 3, the earth was flat, rabbits chew their cud, the best way to cure leprosy was animal sacrifice and dove blood. Further the thousands of errors and inconsistencies point to incompetent human authors not a superhuman author. It is insulting to Jehovah to assert that sloppy piece of work is his doing.

Without a supernatural bible, its entire authority collapses, including its cock-eyed creation myths and of course creationism and its barbaric morality.


Crooked Creationists

If you go on YouTube and listen to the creationists, you discover they are worse that used car salesmen when it comes to lying, dishonesty, deception and dirty tricks. They are transparent con men. Why then do so many people believe the anonymous creationists who either wrote or relayed hearsay stories for the bible were 100% truthful? They hold this view without knowing anything about these people, or their reputations, not even their names.

~ Roedy (born:1948-02-04 age:67)

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