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Right to Make Money Trumps Everything

We place such a high value on our legal right to make money, to make a profit, that we are basically willing to destroy the planet and destroy our civilisation as we know it in order to let them make their money.
~ Mark Sundeen (born: 1970 age: 43) author of The Man Who Quit Money

Amen! It is as though the pipeline companies think they have some inherent right to place pipelines wherever they please, and if land contains minerals, there is no other possibility but to mine it and leave the mess for others to clean up over the coming millennia. The right to a profit trumps every other consideration.

Romney and the Republicans met as the Obama 2009-01-20 inauguration party was underway and agreed to block every single bill Obama might promote. They agreed to sink the American economic lifeboat solely to make its black captain look bad. The odd thing is half of Americans think that was perfectly ok. I think they should all be hanged for treason.
~ Roedy (born: 1948-02-04 age: 66)

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