Canadian Politics

Canadian Politics

Harper Lies Yet Again

This is just the beginning of the biggest black-hole boondoggle in Canadian history.

~ Stephen Harper (born:1959-04-30 age:56) anti-environmental Prime Minister of Canada, National Post, 2003-08-13

On the contrary, doing nothing about alternative energy, efficiency and Kyoto is a boondoggle to put the country at the mercy of big oil, who will be able to jack their prices as high as they please because there will be no alternatives and a shrinking supply of crude.


No Defence

It is astounding how many Americans believe the lie that US soldiers are defending America in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. They know that the USA attacked both those countries unprovoked. They know that first strikes are illegal. They know those countries have no navy, air force or weapons with which to attack the USA. They know the USA routinely tortures POWs (Prisoner Of Wars). They know the USA considers the Geneva conventions quaint. If they read the foreign press, they also know the USA uses banned weapons that even Hitler did not use. These Americans are no better than Nazis patriotically pretending Germany’s war crimes were justified.

~ Roedy (born:1948-02-04 age:67)

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