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Canadian Politics

Trashing Electric Cars

John Cummins, leader of the B.C. Conservative Party, said that the $5000 subsidy to persuade people buy electric cars was useless because buyers receive savings later in fuel purchases. The problem is coming up with the hefty down payment. Further, the cars are so expensive, they cannot be justified on fuel cost savings alone. We need to stimulate sales to fund research and development and bring on economies of scale.

~ Roedy (born:1948-02-04 age:68)

Entitlement Delusions

Jews think they have the right to steal the Palestinian’s homeland because of what Hitler did to them. Americans think they have right to invade any country they please and take their oil and minerals because of what happened to them on 9-11. It is rare to find an Israeli or American who is not fully possessed by this entitlement delusion.

~ Roedy (born:1948-02-04 age:68)

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