Canadian Politics

Canadian Politics

No History Of Colonialism

Stephen Harper rewrote history… with a racist crayon.

At the 2009 G20 Harper actually said this — We also have no history of colonialism. So we have all of the things that many people admire about the great powers but none of the things that threaten or bother them.

~ Read about it at Rabble



Majority ≠ Majority

In Canada’s electoral system, it is possible for a party to win a majority government with less than 1/3 the vote. This gives the Prime Minister the powers of a typical dictator for up to 5 years. The majority and party discipline protects him from a vote of non-confidence. Unfortunately, Prime Ministers such as Stephen Harper falsely interpret their majorities as approval by all Canadians to do whatever they please. They pretend to forget most Canadians voted against them and that they are sworn to look out for the interests of those people too.

~ Roedy (born: 1948-02-04 age: 66)

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