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Drop this mean and sordid and selfish devotion to the saving of your shabby little souls and hunt up something to do that’s got some dignity to it! Risk your souls! Risk them in good causes; then if you lose them, why should you care? Reform!
~ Mark Twain (1835-11-30 1910-04-21 age:74), Was it Heaven? or Hell?

I wrote a book called A Guide For the Naïve Homosexual back in 1971. I have scanned it and OCRed it to recreate it here.

Table Of Contents

Preface Preface
Page 1 Introduction
Facing Your Homosexuality
Page 2 How You Become Gay
Page 3 Homosexuality As A Disease
Page 4 Religious Objections
The Un-Come-Out Gay
Page 5 Where To Find Gays
Page 6 How to Meet Gays
Page 7 Getting Dressed
Page 8 Entering The Club
Page 9 Dancing
Page 10 Physical Sex
Page 11 Physical Sex
Page 12 Screwing
Page 13 Isn’t There Any Other Way of Coming Out?
Page 14 Gay Friends
Page 15 Venereal Disease
Page 16 V.D. Clinic
Page 17 Lesbianism
Page 18 Seduction
Page 19 Pornography
Physical Appearance
Dating Clubs
Page 20 Hustlers
Page 21 Theft
The Law
Page 22 The One Night Stand
Permanent Relationships
Page 23 Long Term Relationships
Page 24 How to Live With Another Woman
Page 25 What It Is Like To Have a Permanent Lover
Page 26 How to Tell if a Guy is Gay
Page 27 Telling Your Friends You Are Gay
Telling Your Wife You Are Gay
Telling Your Parents You Are Gay
Page 28 Bisexuality
Page 29 Gays As a Minority Group
Page 30 What Do We Gays Want?
What Can We Do For Gay Liberation?
Page 31 Stereotypes
Page 32 Gay Liberation
Page 33 Fear
What Is It Like To Come Out
History of the Project
Page 34 Cost
Page 35 Glossary
Page 36 Publications
Page 37 Reading List
Page 38 Appendix
Page 39 Calgary
Page 40 Edmonton
Fort Erie
Fort St. John
Page 41 Jasper
Page 42 Medicine Hat
Page 43 Ottawa
Prince George
Page 44 Quebec City
Page 45 Regina
Page 46 Seattle
St. John’s
Page 47 Toronto
Page 48 Vancouver
Page 49 Vancouver Continued
Page 50 Victoria

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