A Guide For the Naïve Homosexual
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Calgary : Downsview

Calgary, Alberta

Cruising Places

Central Park 1970-08 between 12th & 13th Avenues and 2nd & 3rd Streets SW. It is good for cruising any night during warmer weather from 7:00 P.M. to midnight. In winter try the car game (see Vancouver Lower Crystal pool parking lot). People make out quite freely there but lately it has been patrolled by the police (however, infrequently) last fall there was a gay stabbing there, so it is not the safest place though it is probably the best partly because it is only one block from the October ’69 club.

Downtown 8th Avenue Mall 1970-08 is great for cruising if you’re fast and on the ball. Hippie congregations attract observers.

Elbow Park 1970-03 4th Street and elbow drive SW in summer months.

Greyhound building 1970-08 7th at 1st SW and in the benchroom is the place to pick up a hustler.

Memorial Drive 1970-03 park area near the zoo in summer months

Prince’s Island 1970-08 at 4th Street in the Bow River is a big park with new grass, tall trees and secluded spots along the river bank.

Sandy beach 1970-08 48th avenue and 13th Streets SW is used for sunbathing, but not in the nude. There are lots of trees to get lost in. The best time is in the afternoon as it is a lover’s lane at night. Small groups of gays and queens frequent the place.

White Spot 1970-08 4th Street and 11th Avenue SW is open 24 hours a day. The rubbies come here when the bars close.

Steam Baths

Dan Dominique’s 1970-08 3rd Street east between 7th and 8th avenues is a real hole frequented by the older gay. It is not recommended for the squeamish.


Carlton Bar 1971-02 126 9th Avenue NW is across the street from the Palliser and it caters to a rough crowd not restricted to male patrons ie. The truck driver type lesbians hang out here.

Cecil Hotel 1971-02 4th Avenue at 5th Street East is the major bar for gay girls. It is frequented by women’s softball teams-which are not exactly muted fur being straight.

Palliser Hotel 1971-02 Kings Arms Tavern - 15t St. SW off 9th was the place until it was renovated and mixed, but now some gays are returning.

Red Fox Tavern 1971-02 downtown on 6th Street has a quiet subdued atmosphere and it is thus frequented by the gay executive.

Royal Hotel 1971-02 6th Ave at 2nd Street, is the bar since the Palliser changed.

The summit (Sheraton hotel Bar) 1971-02 4th Avenue at irst St. SW has a mixed university crowd and good music.


Club Carousel 1971-03 1207 1st St. SW, in the basement open Wednesday 10:00 pm to 1:00 am and Friday and Saturday 11:00 pm to 3:00 Am. It is a private cooperative, membership is open to Albertans only for 110.00 a year. Their out of town guests can come free for 30 days, but in town guests must pay $2.50. Cover for members is $1.00 Beautiful boys. And girls dance to the juke box under black-lights. Soft drinks are available, but no liquor.


Banff 1970-03 is crawling with gays in summer.

Calgary stampede 1970-03 all the gay guys in the world come out of the wood-work and descend on Calgary, but you will have to be fairly outgoing to meet any of them as their activities are well booked.

Downsview, Ontario


York University Homophile Association 1971-03 Council of the York Student Federation, Room N108, Ross Building, York University, 4700 Keele Street, Downsview 463, Ontario.

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