A Guide For the Naïve Homosexual
Page 38

Sexual Deviation

by Anthony Storr, Pelican books (Penguin books)
Middlesex England 1964 cursory review of sex deviations. Not that much information but good presentation.

Sexual Politics

by Kate Millett, 1970

Symptoms of Psychopathology: A handbook

by C.G. Costello, John Wiley and sons, Toronto 1970 excellent reference source, but not leisure reading.

Time for Consent

Dr. Norman Pittinger, SCM Press, paperback, about $.95. Pittinger is a British Anglican priest who lectures in theology at Cambridge. Excellent analysis of religion and homosexuality. Very down-to-earth approach. Read it if you are having trouble resolving your gay feelings and your religious beliefs or the religious beliefs others might force on you.

Towards a Quaker View of Sex

is the most sensible piece of writing I have read on homosexuality and I am an atheist.

Weekend Magazine

1969-09-13 article complete with pictures of three Québec homosexuals. They are a wooly-headed bunch, but one of them, John Dice, will give you an idea of how good looking some gay guys can be.

What it Means to be Homosexual

by Merle Miller an article in the 1971-01-17 edition of the New York Times magazine. Miller is a very literate man who tells what it is like to be an effeminate homosexual.

The X report

(from Sexology Magazine) Belmont Books, New York, 1962, chapters 25-28 deals with theories of homosexuality, general comments and homosexual primer. Excellent short articles extracted from Sexology Magazine.


On the following pages are listed all that I have been told about, the cruising places, steam baths, gay bars, clubs and interesting attractions for each city in Canada and a few in the united states that I am well acquainted with. But if you are planning a trip to the united states, e.g. San Francisco (the gayest city in north America) I would recommend buying bob Damron’s Address Book. It is a listing of nearly every gay bar and club in North America. His comments are not nearly as elaborate as mine and he does not list cruising places, but he does have more than 1,500 listings. You can buy it for $4.00 or two for $6.00. Send a money order (including 30¢ extra if you want it sent by air mail) to:

Bob Damron Enterprises
2166 Market Street
San Francisco, California 94114

If you’re going overseas and by any chance stopping in New York get a copy of the Guild Guide available from any of the porn shops along 42nd Street. It has complete international listings. It’s published each January, price $5, by:

Guild Press Limited, Box 3135,
Benjamin Franklin Station,
Washington, D.C., 20044

If you’re planning on doing some world traveling, you might write for the E.O.S. Guide a very posh $10 publication available from:

E.O.S. Guide PostBox 949
DK-2400 Kobenhavn NT

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