A Guide For the Naïve Homosexual
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Reading List

Finally here is a list of material you might like to read. A lot of it is available in paperback form and all de it will be in your local library if some poor fool has not stolen it for fear of being found out by checking it out in the normal manner.

Abnormal Sexual Behavior

by Louis London, Lancer Books, New York, 1958 good review of sexual disorders but psychoanalytically oriented. Also a bit out of date.

Aspects of sexuality

The Encyclopedia of Sexual Behaviour vol.ii. Albert Ellis and Albert Albarand. Ace publishing company, New York, 1967 Chapter 8 excellent short chapter covering some of the theories of homosexuality, terms and practices and possible theory. Limitations of scope of theories covered and information presented. Basically freudian or psychoanalytic orientated.

The Erotic Minorities

by Lars Allerstam. Grove Press Inc. New York 1966. More refreshing in his approach to sexual deviancy. Covers the main deviations but is fairly superficial.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid To Ask

by David Reuben the most humourous book I have ever read. The trouble is that some straight people might take it seriously and think that all homosexuals do is write notes to each other on pieces of toilet paper and push 50 watt light bulbs into each other’s rectums. A boycott against this pack of lies is being organized.

Is Gay as Good as Straight

(in Sexology, February 1970 issue) opposing viewpoints (yes and no) good as a superficial treatment of the two positions.

The Gay World by Hofmann

Highly recommended. Objective and sympathetic.

The Hill is a Favourite Spot

by Peter Gordge. Winnipeg World Summer 1969 a rather amusing account of a straight’s visit to a Winnipeg nelly bar — the Mardi Gras. He is quite sympathetic considering the unreal types he meets.

A History of Gay Power

by Angela Douglas an article in the December 11, 1970 edition of the Los Angeles free press. Quite thorough on the topic of transvestites and transsexuals.

Homosexual Behavior Among Males

by Wainwright Churchill thorough and objective investigation. Homosexuality in animals, other cultures and history. Full length hard cover edition.

The Homosexual in America

by D.W. Cory

Homosexuality: a Psychoanalytic Study of the Male Homosexual

by Irving Bieber. Vintage Books or Random House New York, 1962 Comprehensive approach to homosexuality from a Freudian point of view.

Homosexuality and Creative Genius

by Ruitenbaek

It is a Wonderful Feeling to be Loved

by Ruth Wolf. Seattle Magazine, November 1967 an interview — complete with picture of Peter Wichern — a young Seattle homosexual who has got to be one of the bravest people I have ever heard about.

The Same Sex

by Ralph Weltge. Philadelphia, 1969

Sex Offenders

by Gerhard, Pomeroy, Gagnon and Christensen of the Kinsey Institute. Harper and Row, New York, 1965. Also Bantam Books 1965 objective quality, deep with detailed probing of sex offenders. Excellent reference material but not for leisure reading.

Sexual Behavior in the Human Male

by Kinsey et al. Philadelphia, 1948

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