A Guide For the Naïve Homosexual
page 36

effeminate and campy
postoperative transsexual
male or female who has had the complete cosmetic surgery and can obtain amended birth certificates and is considered to be a legal member of which ever sex he has become.
preoperative transsexual
male or female who has some of the secondary characteristics of the opposite physical gender obtained through hormone treatments but has not had complete transsexual surgery.
  1. An erogenous gland on the ventral side of the rectum
  2. A person who can come from anal stimulation alone.
male or female who seeks transsexual surgery in order to escape the harshness of antihomosexual attitudes.
  1. a derogatory term for a gay guy that implies fading appearance, selfish vanity and a bitchy, gossipy personality.
  2. used in conjunction with other words eg. chicken queen when it means gay who likes.
  3. a female monarch.
a pejorative term for homosexual guy.
running the tongue over the anus.
  1. intercourse per anum.
  2. intercourse with a girl.
size queen
a gay who inordinately likes large penes.
legal term for both bestiality and intercourse per anum.
speed queen
a type of washing machine.
toe queen
a foot fetishist (these are rare).
male prostitutes
males or females who relate to the opposite gender on a mental level as being a member of the opposite gender but having physical characteristics and sexual organs different from their psychological makeup. Males or females may obtain hormone treatments and cosmetic surgery to correct the physical condition.
male or female who wears the clothing of the opposite gender and assumes some of the manners, habits and voice of the opposite gender to various degrees. A transvestite is not necessarily homosexual. Transvestism in its true form is an asexual manifestation.
someone picked up just for sex
  1. a promiscuous male homosexual. Can be pejorative depending on the tone of voice.
  2. an author of romantic novels.
  1. A male or female who, has never had sex with another human.
  2. a male who has never had sex with another male.
  3. a person who has never had sex.


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Gay Sunshine

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