A Guide For the Naïve Homosexual
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This section will define a number of slang terms you may hear and will perhaps clarify the way I use some familiar words.

sexual relations with animals other than humans
a man who enjoys sex with either gender pretty well equally
blowing cock sucking
bring out
  1. to introduce a new person to 10 or more gays.
  2. to have sex with a homosexual virgin.
legal term for intercourse per anum, but it is used incorrectly to refer to any unnatural act.
bull dyke
derogatory term for a truck-driver type lesbian
masculine in appearance and behaviour. It is used for girls and guys.
  1. acting like a stereotype gay.
  2. witty word battling.
  3. going out in the woods overnight.
chicken queen
a person who likes boys in the 14-20 age range.
closet queen
a gay who refuses to accept his homosexuality and come out.
come out
  1. to meet your first 10 gay people
  2. to have sex with a person of the same sex for the first time.
body lice
transvestite who dresses for sexual reasons.
  1. searching for a one time sex partner
  2. travelling in a boat as in cruising the straights and narrows.
vagina sucking
  1. dominance
  2. sadism
  1. dominant
  2. sadistic
drag queen
a homosexual male transvestite. The term is somewhat derogatory, but no polite one exists as yet.
drag show
a show where male performers dress as women doing skits and miming songs.
derogatory term for lesbian
a pejorative term for gay used by gays to refer to a very weak willed person who lets himself be walked on.
  1. a mincing male homosexual.
  2. pejorative term for male gays.
cock sucking
French culture
finger fucking
massaging the prostate gland
gear box
derogatory term for gays used by auto factory workers, sometimes shortened to gear
gender impersonator
transvestite who dresses for disguise to deceive in order to pursue criminal activity, espionage, decoy etc.
gender mimic
transvestite who dresses for professional entertainment.
go down on
perform fellatio on
golden shower queen
a lover of urine (these are rare)
Greek culture
anal screwing
a man who though he may have sex with men as well, prefers having sex with women. He may be effeminate or ruggedly masculine.
an inaccurate euphemism for ’homosexual’ used by gay lib movements.
a man who though he may have sex with women as well, prefers having sex with other men. He relates to other men as a man himself. He has no desire to act like or become a woman.
a male prostitute
thrusting of the penis between the legs, breasts, feet, upper thighs or mouth.
a lubricant commonly used — usually for screwing
leather queen
  1. a person with a leather fetish (common)
  2. a sado-masochist
equivalent of husband or wife for gays
production of an orgasm when a penis is not in the vagina, mouth, or anus of another person.
if you want to annoy a guy just say Hey Mary

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