A Guide For the Naïve Homosexual
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Edmonton : Halifax

Edmonton, Alberta

Cruising Places

Chateau Lacombe 1969-09 on the trail at the top of the hill to the MacDonald hotel.

Dreamland Theatre 1971-01 9697 Jasper Avenue is a real hole of a place to be used only by those unafraid of V.D.

Hudson’s Bay Company 1971-01 Jasper Avenue entrance usually has some hustlers among the hippies along the street. The washroom is patrolled by store guards.

Legislative Buildings 1971-01 grounds are cruising areas during the warm summer months. They are probably your best bet.

Olympic Restaurant 1971-01 10518 Jasper Ave has young, effeminate hustlers and old men.

Pig ’n Whistle Cafe 1971-01 10548 Jasper Avenue hustlers and old men

Strand Theatre 1971-01 10211 Jasper Avenue has a lively back row, but is definitely not recommended except for the most brazen and desperate people.

Steam Baths

Edmonton steam Baths 1969-09 Jasper and 69th.

Georgia Turkish Steam Baths 1971-01 at 9668 Jasper Avenue not recommended.


Corona Hotel Bar 1971-01 Jasper and 107th, has straight hippies, students and prostitutes.

Grand Hotel 1971-01 10260 103rd Street.

King Edward Hotel Tavern 1971-01 10180 101st St. Tavern entrance at 102nd ave, also many straight cowboys.

Mayfair Hotel Bar 1971-01 108th St. at Jasper is the young gay centre. The lounge is straight.

MacDonald Hotel Bar 1971-01 has gone straight temporarily.

Club ’70 1971-01 106th St. Near 103rd Ave. Open 7:00 pm to 3:00 Am. Mixed male and female but mostly male. Non-members may be signed in by a member for $2.50.

Fort Erie, Ontario

Steam Baths

Fort Erie Steam Baths 1969-02 216 Jarvis Street.

Fort St. John, British Columbia

Cruising Places

South end of Cecil Lake 1970-08 has a surprising gay population for such a small town.

Fredericton, New Brunswick

Cruising Places

The Green 1970-06


Lord Beaverbrook Hotel 1970-06

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Cruising Places

Barrington Street 1970-08 along the naval dockyard is interesting between 10:00 pm to midnight - usually a few sailors looking for some fun. Just slow down and they’ll get the message if they are interested.

Black Rock Beach 1970-08 has potential but a good eye and a bit of aggressiveness are prerequisites.

Citadel Hill 1970-08 and along Sackville Street by the Hill. It is only safe if you are in a car, game folds at 1:00

Halifax Shopping Centre 1970-08 is your best bet.

Lord Nelson Hotel Shopping Arcade 1970-08 is where Halifax’s few hustlers hang out. It is known as a meat rack.

Public Gardens 1970-08 around 7 to 8:00 pm in summer is your best bet. Also try Sunday afternoons to meet some of the closely knit college crowd.

Scotia Square 1970-08 large shopping, business and housing centre.

Spring Garden Road 1970-08


The Candlelight Lounge 1970-08 spring garden Road is mixed but from Wednesday to Saturday it is completely gay.

Captain’s Table 1970-08 downstairs has lousy service, a cover charge and on weekends it is very crowded — mostly with drunken couples — male and female.

The Piccadilly Tavern 1970-08 1599 Grafton is a mixed tavern — combines college kids and some gays. It is definitely not a place to cruise, but gays receive no hassle.

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