A Guide For the Naïve Homosexual
Page 41
Jasper : London

Jasper, Alberta


Athabasca Hotel 1971-01 is better than most city bars. Recommended Walper Hotel 1970-12 the lounge is not straight, but the pub has taken over.

Kamloops, British Columbia

Cruising Places

Riverside Park 1970-10 in late evening


Canadian Inn 1970-10 in the bar left corner near the alley entrance.

Plaza hotel 1970-10 near the lobby entrance.

Stockman’s Beer Parlour 1970-10 between the side doors.

Lethbridge, Alberta

Cruising Places

Galt Gardens 1971-01 is a scenic summer beauty spot with people on the grass. This downtown park is the best cruising place.

Park Plaza Coffee S hop 1971-01 has prostitutes and hustlers, but it is a nice place otherwise,

New Moon Cafe 1971-01 possible pick-ups if you are not choosy.


El Rancho Outrider 1971-01 has many straights and some students.

Lethbridge Hotel 1971-01 near Galt Gardens

Marquis Tavern 1971-01 ladies and escorts side is frequented by university students.

London, Ontario

Cruising Places

Victoria Park 1969-12 bounded by Clarence, Dufferin, Central and Wellington Streets.

Steam Baths

London Steam Baths 1970-05 Dundas Street East is gay, hypersensitive, paranoid, but good.


Camelot Lounge 1969-09 in the Hotel London is 90% gay. The bar is gayer than the tables. It is rated excellent.

Holiday Inn 1970-05 the Downtown bar is quiet but good.


Ask the girl bartender at the Camelot 1970-05 as the club moves each week.

The Club 1970-09 east end of Dundas Street is a small club for gay girls and boys. It is cold in winter and sweltering in summer.

Grapevine 1971-03 Wellington Road is open on Friday and Saturday night from 10:00 P.M. To 4:00 A.M.


Trafford’s store for men 1969-12 on Clarence Street across from Wellington square. The staff is young and very friendly. The clothes are very modern, inexpensive and mostly from Montreal.

Western University Homophile Association 1971-03

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