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Medicine Hat: Montreal

Medicine Hat, Alberta


Assiniboia Hotel 1971-01

Montreal, Québec

Because of the F.L.Q. scare, the police were given pretty free rein to do as they pleased. They closed nearly all of Montreal’s bars and clubs, but Montreal gay life won’t stay underground for long.

Cruising Places

Dominion Square 1969-08 Dorchester and Peel street is the scene of desperate cruising Sunday afternoons.

Downtown Park 1970-05 Windsor & Sunlight

Monarch Cafe 1969-02 E. St. Catherine St. is active Sunday afternoons.

Place Concorde 1970-05

Place Ville Marie 1970-05 especially Saturday night.

Park LaFontaine 1970-09 Christophe Colomb — Sherbrooke

St. Catherine street 1969-08 is active after 11 P.M.

YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) 1970-06 guys parade around sans towels.

Steam Baths

Colonial Baths 1970-02 3963 Colonial


Altesse Taverne 1970-08 East St. Catherine Street near Clark is a leather bar and is a bit rough.

Bud’s Bar 1971-03 1250 Stanley street is rumoured closed, but it is known for its cheap beer. It has a slight reputation among straight people as a gay bar.

Cote des Neiges 1969-08 about 5 blocks south of Jean Talon

Dominion Square Taverne 1969-08 1243 Metcalfe south of St. Catherine is again a leather bar. Hustlers hang out there. It is not as good as the peel pub.

Lincolne Taverne 1969-02 upstairs St. Denis and Mt. Royale

Lion Taverne 1969-02 1451 Metcalfe

Monterey Lounge 1970-02 1108 St. Catherine W. has a rough crowd.

Neptune Taverne 1969-02 121 des Commissaires West is a leather bar.

Peel Pub 1969-08 1107 St. Catherine St. W. By Peel Street. It has two entrances, one off either street. During the day it is straight, but in the evening, it is gay until the midnight closing.

Plateau Taverne 1969-02 75 East St. Catherine Street.

St. Regis Taverne 1969-02 481 St. Catherine Street.


Au Quatre Coins du Monde 1970-02 1218 Stanley south of St. Catherine it has a small dance floor in the basement. The main floor is usually straight except when it is very crowded when it also becomes gay. It used to have a rough crowd, but currently it is quite nice. There is a cover charge of about $1.00.

Black Bottom 1970-02 in old Montreal on Laurentian Street is for girls and singles.

Le Cachot 1971-02 1204 Drummond Street (the dungeon) is like the Taureau d’Or. It is best on Sunday afternoon when a party begins at 2:00 P.M. There is a small cover charge for this party but not at other times.

Casse de Sol 1970-02 St. Catherine and Pie Neuf Blvd. Is for singles.

Edifice 1970-02 1218 Stanley upstairs and downstairs, alias the House of Shiskebab, has dancing.

Hawaiian Lounge 1971-02 1254 Stanley upstairs is open until 3:00 A.M. Girls and straights frequent the place also. The raised bar at the back is gay and you have to stand up weekends when it gets very crowded. It has a slight reputation among straights as a gay bar as it has shows with a female impersonator and sometimes a stripper. About once every two weeks he gets carried away and strips to the skin when a really swishy show is promised there is a cover charge of 50¢. You are advised to leave before 2:30 as the cruising gets very grim after that time group. Grope etc.

Only Club 1969-02 Clark and East St. Catherine

P.J.’s 1971-02 Peel street north of St. Catherine across from Sheraton Mount Royal is large and crowded. Good music. Dance floor. No cover charge. Open late.

Red Carpet 1969-08 Hotel Colonnade on Dorchester east of Guy St. across from the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation). It is a dive inhabited by CBC people and it is not recommended.

Scandinavia club 1969-08 is rough and not totally gay. Not recommended.

Le Taureau d’Or 1970-02 (the Golden Bull) 1419 Drummond Street north of St. Catherine. There is no sign but there is a red light above the door. You go upstairs. The is a juke box but no dancing. It has a very nice crowd — probably the best in Montreal.

321 Club 1970-02 Crescent and Mountain is for singles.

Le Tunisia 1971-02 1204 Drummond street upstairs above le Cachot is a nice dance bar. It is not very busy on Friday or Saturday however. It is highly recommended.

Vendome 1970-08 1202 St. Catherine is a very swish and snobby place.


A.B.C. Tourist Home 1970-02 1179 Bishop

la Boheme 1970-02 1418 Guy

Boutique Pierre Cardin 1970-12 one Westmount Square

Cafe Regent Apollo 1970-02 3rd floor Park at Laurier

Chateau l’Escale 1969-08 between St. Catherine and Sherbrooke west of Guy is an apartment building inhabited by gays.

La Chemiserie Dominique Inc. 1970-12 1479 St. Catherine St. East

The inn 1970-12 1062 Mackay (514) 861-7627 $6.00 single room

Men’s Clothing Store 1969-08 on St. Catherine sells wild clothing. They have mannequins with hard ons.

Monsieur Moustache 1970-12 479 St. Catherine St. West

Orgi Boutique 1970-12 339 St. Catherine St. West

Trip In Boutique Inc. 1970-12 1212 St. Catherine St. West

Vines Guest House 1970-02 1208 Drummond

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