A Guide For the Naïve Homosexual
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Ottawa : Prince George

Ottawa, Ontario

Cruising Place

Alexandria Hotel 1970-06 men’s washroom

Bank Street 1970-06 supposedly good after 9:00 P.M.

Chateau Laurier 1971-02 downstairs in the hallway by the pool and the can at the end of the hall. Everybody on their way from Major’s Hill drops in here. Also if you think someone is following you who likes you, head for the can at the end of the hall. If he likes you he will follow. Also the upstairs washroom (main floor) near the rack entrance to the Cock and Lion lounge. The Chateau swimming pool is active in late afternoons. The steam bath for men only is open. Tuesday and Saturday. Cute French hustlers hang around the east the main lobby.

Colonial Coach Lines 1970-06 (Voyageur Colonial) Albert and. 5059 Street downstairs. Mostly old men but the occasional C.Y.T..

Major’s Hill Park 1970-06 behind the Chateau Laurier and also Napean point overlooking the river. Best in the afternoons and early evenings. The police become active only after dark. The place is extremely dangerous after dark. Gangs of punks like to beat up and rob people — especially single males. Someone was murdered there last October. Good on Saturday and Sunday afternoons especially.

Rialto Theatre 1970-06 on Bank Street

Rideau Canal 1970-06 along the driveway

Rideau Theatre 1970-06 on Rideau — also the long stretch between the Chateau Laurier and the Rideau River.

Spark Street Mall 1970-06 is good at evening time. People on the straight side of the thin grey line go.

Skyline Hotel 1970-06 Albert and Lyon streets. Use the Albert Street side entrance to the downstairs washroom.

Strathcona Park 1970-06 near the corner of Range Road and Laurier street overlooking the Rideau River. It is good at night and relatively safe. There are all kinds of straight couples doing their thing in the grass. This park is second only to Major’s Hill.


Chez Henri 1970-06 in Hull on Principal Street, a brown building difficult to find. It is located across the street from the jail. It is not to be confused with the bifcotheque across the street about a half block away. Mostly old men and nelly faggots frequent the place, but it can be rough. There is a straight dance bar upstairs and when anybody gets kicked out of there, they wait for the gays to come out of the downstairs bar and rough them up. The police seem to be somewhat biased toward the punks. Not really recommended.

Lord Elgin 1971-02 Elgin and Laurier Streets is both a cocktail lounge upstairs and a men’s bar downstairs. Better during the week (I don’t know where everyone goes on weekends — probably Montreal) RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) are reputed to have hidden microphones in the place but I have yet to find any. Since the Elgin is a high class tourist hotel, the non-gay clientele in the bar is a lot better than at the Chez Henri. The lounge on the main floor is the best spot, but beer is cheaper in the pub.


The Cellar 1971-02 30 Nicholas Street one block from Rideau downstairs. Wednesday is the best night, Monday has a poor crowd and Tuesday has a middling crowd. However, the rest of the week the club is straight. It is a licenced discotheque and hence the 21 and over age restriction. There is a 50¢ cover charge. The action begins early at about 9:30 and tapers off about midnight.

Prince George, British Columbia

Cruising Place

Napole Pizzaria 1971-02 George street is packed with gays and, hustlers.


The Barn 1970-08 in the west corner properly known as the inn of the North,


The Club 1970-06 across from the Prince George Hotel

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