A Guide For the Naïve Homosexual
Page 44
Québec City

Québec City, Québec

Cruising Place

Plage Les Foulons 1970-05

Plaines d’Abraham 1970-05

Promenade des Gouverneurs 1970-05

Terrasse Duffrein 1970-05


Bourgeault 1970-05 on Rue St. Jean at the foot of cote de la Fabrique

Dante 1970-02 17 Rue de St. Stanislas downstairs

Hotel Clarendon 1970-02 Rue de St. Anne

Taverne Quartier Latin 1970-02 1190 Rue St. Jean

Taverne Selecte 1970-05 925 Cote d’Abraham Men’s Beverage room

Taverne de Vieux Québec 1970-10 Place Marche Finlay has a young crowd with no girls.


l’Alouette 1971-01 1169 Rue St. Jean near Cote de la Fabrique is the best bar and only dance spot though it tends to be a bit snobbish unless you speak French. The $1.00 cover includes a free beer and on Wednesdays a cold buffet on the house. There are 3 floors with the bars upstairs.

Pompernik Sappho bar 1970-12 684 Cote d’Abraham was all female but now there are many guys after the trouble at the Chez Paul. There are also some straights.


Cafe Chez Paul 1971-02 28 Rue St. Nicholas in the lower part of town is very old and somewhat intriguing with its rough crowd.

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