A Guide For the Naïve Homosexual
Page 45
Regina : Saskatoon

Regina, Saskatchewan

Cruising Place

bus depot 1970-09

North East corner of the main cafeteria on campus of the university of Saskatchewan 1970-03 near the Prairie Fire Newspaper office. Carry a text book with a piece of red tape across one corner. The opening line is Do you know Roedy? as you may guess I had something to do with the creation of this cruising spot in an otherwise very inactive city.

Victoria Park 1970-05 is not recommended

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Cruising Place

Kiwanis Park 1970-10 between Broadway Bridge and the Bessborough hotel along Spadina Crescent is most-active in late evening.

Executive Restaurant 1971-01 2nd Avenue and 20th Street. The window seats and the tables at the back are the best. It has two bars and closes early Saturday night.

King George Motor Hotel Washroom 1971-01 just around the corner from the coffee shop and cocktail lounge.

Wayfare Service Restaurant 1971-01 open 24 hours so try it when other places close.


Bessborough hotel 1970-10 on Spadina crescent at the end of 21st St. is popular with the young crowd.

Sheraton Cavalier 1970-10 612 Spadina Crescent has a young crowd.

King George Motor Hotel 1970-10 2nd Avenue and 23rd Street side entrance.

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