A Guide For the Naïve Homosexual
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Seattle : St. John’s

Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.

Cruising Place

Volunteer park 1970-02 west of the 1500 block Grandview Place in front of the Seattle Art Museum is a joyous place to cruise. Gays from the university drive their cars down to the parking area and proceed to wash and wax them on sunny afternoons. There are straights and it is daylight so cruising is done much more subtly than usual. Carloads of gays drive slowly through the park looking over the gays walking and washing. At night a rougher crew takes over.

Steam Baths

Atlas Steam Bath 1970-06 1318 Second Avenue 4th floor

Dave’s Steam Bath 1970-06 2402 First Avenue at Battery is very posh.


Black Knight 1969-02 near Greyhound bus depot.

Cavalier Inn 1970-03 118 Yessler is a nelly bar for screaming faggots.

Double Header 1969-02 2nd and Yessler has a rough crowd with some straights.

Golden Horseshoe 1970-02 (affectionately known as the Shoe) 207 2nd avenue is the best place in Seattle by far. All the young good looking guys go there. It has a dance floor with strobe lights etc. From the outside it looks like a dump with its sign turned off, but it is richly done inside. There is no cover charge, but soft drinks are 75¢ and beer is 20¢. You will see a few girls here. But not nearly so many as in other Seattle clubs.

The Greek torch 1970-08 on Yessler is Seattle’s best cocktail bar.

Mocambo 1970-02 203 Yessler is a restaurant and a bar. It is known for the rather unusual types of people who hang out there.

Nine-twenty-two club 1970-03 922 3rd street is a leather bar. The people who frequent this place are terribly concerned about their masculinity. If you — unit make a reservation at the pool table they consider you effeminate, yet I have one Seatllite’s word that every last one of them is just dying to be screwed. They tend to wear leather jackets which is why it is called a leather bar; it has nothing to do with whipping. Sadism, or masochism.

Pike Street Tavern 1970-02 824 Pike Street is a popular place. 

SilverSlipper 1969-02 210 s. Jackson Street is pretty much for girls only.

Silver Star 1970-02 173 s. Washington is a grubby place with straights as well.

Six-Eleven club 1970-02 611 2nd Avenue is strictly a bar — quite nice, but people mainly come here early in the evening to get lubricated before heading off to one of the dance bars.

Six-Fourteen club 1970-02 614 1st Street is a wild abandoned place. It is half gay girls and half gay guys, so you might even guess it is straight at first glance. It has a dance floor and heavy rock dance music, quite unlike the I-love-you-teen-queen stuff that comes from most juke boxes. It may be a bit much to take it you are new because of the weird characters hanging about.

Spag’s 1970-02 Pine and Terry streets is a very neat and clean bar with a pool table. The ivy league crowd of a few years rack lives on at Spag’s. It has a pleasant friendly atmosphere.

Stage Door 1969-02 158 Washington has a rough crowd, but it has floor shows.


107 Club 1970-06 107 Occidental South opened June 1. It is open 7 days a week from 9:00 P.M. On. There is a $1 admission charge.


Centurion Book Store 1969-11 903 Pine specializes in gay pulp literature.

The Dorian Society 1970-06 320 Malden Avenue East is a social group which among other things helps new guys to come out.

Norm’s Book and Match store 1970-02 west side of 1St between pike and pine sells magazines of male nudes.

Underground Arts 1971-02 1023 1St Avenue is a strange porn shop run by a group of hippies. Piped music. Series, slides, dildoes, books, ’screw’ and ’gay’ magazines for sale.

Saint John’s, Newfoundland

Cruising Places

Bannerman Park 1970-12 along military road and en beaches.

Water Street West 1970-12 rough.


Admiral’s Keg 1970-12 in the Newfoundland hotel is mixed straight and gay. Wear a tie.

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