A Guide For the Naïve Homosexual
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Toronto, Ontario

Cruising Places

Bus Terminal washroom 1971-03 Bay and Dundas has lots of rubby-dubs with sex on their minds and also some cops.

Fran’s 1971-03 college at Yonge street but only before 11:00 P.M.

Hanlan’s Point Beach 1971-03 Toronto islands is very good in summer.

Kew Beach 1971-03 Woodbine at Lakeshore just west of the Summerville pool, along the beach and along the boardwalk.

Lindy’s 1971-03 403 Yonge street is a restaurant that charges $1.25 for a hamburger and it is not even very busy.

Queen’s Park 1971-03 (no joke this is its name) behind the legislative buildings on the benches or circling the statue of King George or in dark brush-covered corners.

St. Joseph Street 1971-03 on the south side between May street and Queen’s park crescent is where all the unpicked guys flock after the clubs close. The pretty ones sit in their cars and the not so pretty ones line up along the sidewalk waiting to be picked up. There are some hustlers. Best 2:00 A.M. to 5:00 A.M.

Washroom at Bloor & Yonge Subway Stop 1971-03 watch for cops

Yonge Street 1971-03 between College and Wellesley almost any night after dark.

YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) lobby 1971-03 college street west of Yonge, or anywhere at all in the whole building.

Steam Baths

Beverly Baths 1970-02 Yonge at Dundas

International Steam Baths 1971-03 College at Spadina is known for its orgies. It is raided every once in a while. V.D. and transients.

Library Steam Baths 1971-03 5 Wellesley Street has three floors. In the basement is a steam room. On the main floor are the office, lounge and lockers. Upstairs are luxury private rooms and suites all with T.V.

Oak Leaf Baths 1970-02 218 Bathurst

Roman Baths 1971-03 740 Bay Street south of college is a nice place.


Algonquin Tavern 1971-03 Yonge at Cummer is much like the Parkside tavern. It is inexpensive for the guys up north in Willowdale.

The Famous Door 1971-03 665 Yonge the newest and noisiest bar.

Ford Hotel Bar 1970-09 595 Bay Street is frequented by sadists, masochists, fetishists — mostly hustlers.

Parkside Tavern 1971-03 530 Yonge Street at Breadalbane south of Wellesley has a bright decor, dim music, cheap beer, comfortable surroundings. An enjoyably crowded place.

St. Charles Tavern and bar 1971-03 488 Yonge Street of College has loud music, dim lights and cheap beer.

Stop 33 1971-03 in the Sutton Place Hotel at bay and Wellesley Streets is a gay-straight club-type bar with live entertainment and a 50¢ washroom charge: expensive, but a good view of the city.

Times Square Lounge 1971-03 in the King Edward hotel on King Street east of Yonge has a mixed straight and gay crowd.

The Gas Works 1971-02 Yonge and Dundonald is mixed straight and gay.

Westbury lounge 1970-03 in the Plaza Hotel is OK.

Winston Churchill 1970-08 piss elegant crowd.


The August Club 1971-03 530 Yonge above the Parkside Tavern has young crowds of 300 to 400 people on weekends. It is a huge place with a crowd similar to Vancouver’s B&B except the people are not quite as friendly.

The Club 511 1971-03 511 Yonge across from the August in a cold basement. Some live music with a disk jockey, but the layout is poor. The crowd is mostly young people, with some older ones too. About 200 people show up on weekends including some leather and motorcycle types. They may have a liquor licence soon. $1.00 cover.

The Manatee club 1971-03 11-a St. Joseph street west of Yonge has good music, a younger crowd, a marine decor with a huge masthead holding the disk jockey, go-go boys and a short drag show on Saturday night.

The Penthouse 1971-03 575 Yonge north of Wellesley above a drug store was formerly for girls only, but there are some guys now. It is open until 4:00 A.M.

St. Charles 1971-03 alias Mayegaye dance club 488 Yonge Street above the St. Charles is Toronto’s only licenced club that seems to serve the underaged. Some hustlers and leather types.

Le Trique 1971-03 Breadalbane street near the August has a sign with an anchor. Mostly girls and flower children.


Bookstore across from Parkside tavern 1970-10

Cinema 2000 1970-10 Yonge north of Dundas

Community Homophile Association of Toronto 1971-03

Jewellery Store 1970-05 in park plaza caters to a gay clientele

Olympia Books 1970-10 Yonge north of Wellesley

Rio Theatre 1970-10 373 Yonge street

Times Square Books 1970-10 Yonge north of Dundas

Toronto Daily Star 1971-03 shared accommodation section 26a of the

Classified ads. Usually sex, rather than apartments wanted. Watch for congenial, or young guy and one bedroom to share. Do not be afraid to ask, Are you gay?

University of Toronto Homophile Association 1971-03

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