A Guide For the Naïve Homosexual
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How You Become Gay

Most of this experience is directly translatable to your relationships with girls. Girls love gay guys. They are forever trying to convert you, but You are somewhat immune to their charms. This makes you all the more interesting and thus you can charm girls very easily. When one finally does seduce you, you will discover how unbelievably similar it is to making love to a guy. I still can’t get over how similar it is. I really wonder how society can make such a big thing of which sex you sleep with if, with your eyes closed), you can hardly tell the difference.

Don’t feel guilty, as you might not even be gay. We all tend to sexualise our desires. People have a need for love, physical sex, physical contact and social contact. These are quite separate desires. A lot of guys just need physical contact. In other societies, males can touch each other We in North America have the silly idea that all contact is sexual. I know a Lot of guys who come down to the club who never pick anyone or for sex. They Are satisfied by coming down there and soaking up the warmth of other male bodies. As you will see later, gays touch. You may just be longing for physical contact with other males, or you may just be longing for social contact. Lionel Tiger’s theory is that males have m non-sexual bond — a genetic remnant of the days when males had to go off together and co-operate fully on hunting parties. Again we mistake this bond, this enjoyment of male company, as A homosexual bond.

Don’t feel guilty, as it is not an innate evil in you that made you homosexual, but rather what happened to shape your sex attitudes when you were young. The hormone imbalance and inborn theories of yesteryear are all but overthrown.

How You Become Gay

There are two main ways people become homosexual.

  1. If you became homosexual by the first way, you had a domineering mother whom you may hate, love, or be indifferent to) and a withdrawn father (whom you may hate, love or be indifferent to) when you were a child, your mother treated you like a girl with an over-emphasis on neatness, niceness or spirituality. You were a little prude (from your puritanical upbringing) are hence did not get on well with guys your own age. When you reached adolescence you had Trouble sexually with girls because of your prudishness and because up your anxiety about rejection or failure in heterosexual relations though you might have got on quite well with them on a platonic level.

    While all the other boys your own age were out having one whale of a time homosexually, you were too afraid to join in. You probably fell in love With some boy you admired because me was athletic and popular — the two traits you lacked you developed divergent interests from the buys your own age and thus became socially isolated. But you were a bright little kid and you knew your interest was homosexual and hence evil. You did a mighty job of repressing these desires, though you brooded on them constantly.

    Paradoxically then, your indulging friends grew out of the homosexual phase, but moralistic, abstemious you were left stuck with it. As you reached 18 your permanent sex patterns began to set. At about 22 you have now decided that you don’t care if it is evil; you have thought about it until you are numb; And you now just want some sex.

  2. If you became homosexual by the second way, you probably had a quite normal childhood when you were in the normal homosexual phase (ages 13 to 15) You fell in with some older gay guys. They convinced you that your normal 13 year-old homosexual longings were gay. As you grew older they teased you about your developing heterosexual interests. At about age 18, these homosexual patterns became fixed.

    But everyone is unique and any of these factors mentioned may be missing or there may be others I have omitted but please notice that the cause of homosexuality is nut a depraved mind. The problem is not what made you homosexual, but what gummed up the process of becoming heterosexual.

A new theory is that homosexuality is learned. Nearly all young boys have sexual experiences with both sexes. Just by chance it turns out that his first experiences with boys are emotionally satisfying (and homosexuality is reinforced by reward) whereas his first sexual experiences with girls are smash flops (and his heterosexuality is inhibited by punishment). Like a Pavlovian dog he subconsciously learns to be homosexual

Another theory is that gays are not deviant — our Judeo-Christian Society is! There are much weaker taboos against homosexuality In Japan the Philippines, Korea, Malaysia, Morocco and Bolivia. In these and Most other non-Judeo-Christian countries bisexuality is considered the norm, a wide variety of sexual response is a feature of every human culture which has been scientifically studied. Sexuality is much more than just reproduction! This is not to say that all these forms of behaviour are considered socially acceptable. Our own western culture has what is probably the narrowest definition of acceptable behaviour that has ever been known — even heterosexual intercourse between unmarried adults is prohibited.

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