A Guide For the Naïve Homosexual
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This booklet (known as the blurb) is a complete guide for Canadians of either sex who feel that they are homosexual, but who know nothing about how to meet other homosexual people. The appendix lists nearly all the places in Canada where you can meet gay people. Thus it is also of use to gays who are new to a city, but not new to gay life.

I have tried to answer every question that could conceivably arise, but because of such a broad scope I have had to sacrifice depth — especially the evidence to back up my claims. The blurb is not the last word on Canadian homosexuality — for nearly every sentence I could find someone who would dispute it. I do not claim to speak for all gays. This booklet is a collection of my own personal beliefs and prejudices, based almost entirely on my own experience. However, in parts (such as the lesbian section) I have had to rely on information from my friends and acquaintances. When you read this booklet, please let me know your ideas so that they may be incorporated in the next revision. Gradually the blurb will come to reflect a closer picture of the many sides of gay life.

Facing Your Homosexuality

How are you going to face the fact that you are gay? You probably feel very guilty about your homosexual feelings. I am going to show you why you do feel guilty and why you should not.

Don’t feel guilty because you are not alone! I can tell you again And again that you are not unique, but here are a few statistics taken from A 1948 study done by Drs. Kinsey, Martin, and Pomeroy using a study design of extreme sophistication involving 5000 American men and 6000 American women. They were not raving queers trying to convert people to the cause so they had no reason to distort the statistics. They felt the following statistics were conservative as not all the people who were homosexual would admit the fact.

13% of American women have reached orgasm from at least one homosexual experience. 28% of American women have been conscious of a specifically erotic response to another female.

4% of American males are exclusively homosexual for their entire lives. 10% of American males are exclusively homosexual for 3 or more consecutive years during post-adolescence (18 to 65). 18% of American males have at least as much homosexual experience as heterosexual experience for 3 or more years During post-adolescence. 30% of American males have reached an orgasm by having fellatio performed on them by another male. 50% of American males have some homosexual experience leading to orgasm after adolescence. 60% of American males are sexually attracted to another male at least once during post-adolescence.

Now for Christ’s sake, this means that if you have never pelt any sexual feeling for another guy you are in the minority! It also means that if you walk Into a room of 40 guys, the chance that there is no other homosexual guy there besides yourself is only o.38% — you could bet at 260 to 1 odds that there is at least one other homosexual there and make money in the long run. So you are not alone. But even if we are in the minority, as are people with blond hair and so (in the strict sense) blond hair is deviant and abnormal but no one worries Why am I blond? What are the causes of blondness? No one busies himself inventing cures for blondness that convert blonds into normal people with mousy brown hair. No one persecutes blonds for being different. So being deviant — in the minority — is not in itself evil.

This may seem a bit of a paradox, but if you come out your chances of becoming straight are much improved. The reason is this. Chances are that you are quite shy around girls or else they always treat you as a big brother. No girl ever thinks of you in sexual terms. You are a bit old to be a virgin and girls expect you to know what you are doing. Because of your lack of experience and lack of confidence and fear of rejection, you never try anything. Once you do come out, you are finally able to express your physical desires (with another guy). All that bottled-up passion finally escapes. You get rid of your constipate) introspective thinking. You learn to give a little. You learn a lot about other people’s feelings. And up course you pick up a lot of sexual experience.

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