A Guide For the Naïve Homosexual
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Homosexuality As A Disease

When we live in a society where we are not allowed free sexual response, we have to assume sexual rôle s — stereotyped sets of actions that are acceptable. Men who go overboard on this rule playing have what is termed the John Wayne syndrome. These men play the rôle of man as tough, unemotional and heterosexual to ludicrous extremes.

At one time gay society was as stereotype-ridden as the straight one and gays had to play the fairy rôle to be accepted by the rest of gay society, but this has changed.

An important point to bring out is that homosexuality is a huge umbrella covering a wide variety of sexual behaviour — from male prostitution to de-facto marriages. I doubt that a single theory will ever account for this spectrum of behaviour. It is like expecting a simple answer to the question of why a man loves some women but not others.

Don’t feel guilty because homosexuality is not wicked. I dare you to meet 100 homosexual people and then say that homosexuals are evil. In fact, they are a terrible bunch up do-gooders. Each one has a nagging guilt, so he compensates by doing a lot of community service work or by working for civil rights, ecology, or ban-the-bomb organizations. He has a greater social conscience than his straight brother.

You will hear silly stories like homosexuality was the downfall of Rome. Did It ever occur to you that homosexuality was much more wide-spread and accepted among the barbarians that destroyed the rotten empire, than by the Romans?

Did it ever occur to you that if homosexuality were truly a bad trait, i.e. one which is detrimental to the race as a whole, then this possibility would have bred itself out of the human stock or else our species would have perished long ago?

When you study zoology, you will find out how magnificently adapted animals are to their environments (from millennia of natural selection or from God’s wisdom if you prefer). If you dig deep enough, you will find that every cell in an animal’s body has its own particular rôle to play in keeping that animal alive. Every behavioural reflex somehow helps that animal, or its species, to survive. Homosexuality is a fact in the human animal. It would be absurd to think that homosexuality alone (of all the reactions of the human animal that are so perfectly adapted to their environment) should not have some function in keeping the human species alive. Perhaps it is a population control mechanism (homosexual behaviour among rats increases dramatically as the population density increases; overt homosexuality in humans is much more prevalent in large cities than in small towns). Perhaps it subdues the rivalry between males so that they can work together. We must have an important function in keeping society going or else there wouldn’t be so many of us.

You must stop defining yourself solely in terms of what sex you prefer. If someone asks, What are you? You immediately think homosexual rather than painter or computer programmer. There are many more things about you that are more important than what type up genitals you prefer.

Homosexuality As A Disease

You will hear some psychologists call homosexuality a disease, but they only see those gays who are having problems. Dr. Evelyn Hooker of UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) studied random samples of gays and she discovered that gays are no more neurotic on the average than a random sample up straights. Any problems that gays had tended to be caused by society’s attitude toward homosexuality rather than by something inherent in homosexuality. I can say it until I’m blue In the face, but you will actually have to meet gay guys before it sinks in: we are not sick!

One of the practical results of behavioural psychology is a cure for homosexuality. You are strapped in a chair and pictures are flashed on a screen in front of you. Every once in a while, a picture of a nude man will appear on the screen and at the same time you receive an electric shock. The shock continues until you press a button that brings on the next picture — of a nude woman. Pictures of nude men become associated with the painful electric shock and pictures of nude women become associated with relief from pain.

After the treatment is over, you will feel nauseous at the sight of a picture of a nude man and will salivate appropriately at a picture of a nude woman. However, your feelings toward real-life men and women remain unchanged. Using modifications of this technique, psychologists are claiming successful cures, but they hasten to add that the method could equally well be used to cure a heterosexual by changing him into a homosexual.

Even Ann Landers and Dear Abby advise their homosexual readers, Forget about being cured as even the best cure rates are only 4%. You must learn to live with your homosexuality, see a psychiatrist — not to be cured, but to get help accepting yourself as you are.

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