A Guide For the Naïve Homosexual
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It is likely that if you get tripped or hit, that someone did it to start a conversation. Once you get used to this third habit (and it does not take too long) it takes on a warm friendly meaning and straight manners seem cold in comparison.

Isn’t There Any Other Way of Coming Out?

There are many reasons why the above method of coming out may not appeal to you If for instance you wish to do the whole thing on your own without my help then you can do this:

It is Friday evening. Walk past the B&B a few hundred times. By Saturday you will have generated enough nerve to charge right in.

Tell your parents or whatever that you are going to a movie and that afterwards you are going to visit some friends. This way if you do not show up until the next afternoon, you can say it got so late that you spent the night there and conversely if you wander in at 4 A.M. You have an excuse.

Go to a movie on theatre row (a section of Granville street). You will give credibility to your whole story when you can describe a movie (which validates part of it). Even if you live alone or if you live with understand friends, go to a movie — it will relax you and will give you something to until 11:30 or midnight, when the movie lets out. Contrary to life magazine statements, the probability approaches zero that you will meet gay people in the back row of movie theatres.

Then the movie lets out (I assume you are at the Capitol, Downtown Vogue, new Odeon-On-Granville, etc. Don’t go to the Studio — it is a hell with a nasty manager who refuses to admit people he suspects are gay. He is very lousy at discriminating. He also misrepresents the movies he shows in advertisements by making them look like skin flicks when they are not.) Walk south on Granville street until the last cross street before Granville bridge, ie. Drake Street. Walk two blocks east on Drake street (past Seymour street) to Richards Street. Walk south on the west side of Richards past the Canadian Linen Supply parking lot to 1369 Richards. Lo! you are at the B&B.

If you have a fair amount of nerve, you will be able to meet people on your own, however, you may get cold feet once you get inside the club.

If you are plain chickenshit from the word go, then run about asking people are you Roedy?. Chances are they will say no. What does Roedy mean?. Roedy (pronounced rho’ dee) is not an adjective. It is my name. If you can pronounce it with a capital ’R’ then you will not have this problem. Do not run away as you have just started a rather unusual conversation.

If you are a sincere coward — or perhaps a curious type who wants to see what kind of person puts ads in underground papers — then you can restrict your askings to people over six feet (I am 6 feet 3 inches tall) and who have sunken-in eyes (euphemistically known as deep-set eyes). There are very few people in the world who have the attributes (name=Roedy height=6’3” eyes=pitlike) concurrently, so chances are if the person says yes, it will be me. Usually I wear a violent yellow turtleneck that glow under ultraviolet light. If I am wearing my glasses, they will be held on with a basketball strap. Most of the people who work at the club know. Who I am so they can direct you to me.

When you find me I will do two things:

  1. I will introduce you to all my friends who are present that particular evening.
  2. I will answer any questions not answered in this blurb or I will arrange to meet you elsewhere elsetime for such a conversation.

Perhaps you are an older gay who feels he will not fit into the B&B scene. I will take you to a club called the August that specializes in entertaining businessmen. It has a cabaret license which means you can buy liquor there.

Perhaps you are a hip young guy who is put off by all that talk of shaving. I will take you to Faces if you want to meet drug users) or to Charlie’s if you want to meet the earth-hip types). I will put you in contact with the young hip people in the gay liberation front who are put off by the cruisy atmosphere of the clubs and who want less impersonal ways of meeting people.

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