A Guide For the Naïve Homosexual
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How can you prevent V.D.? Washing with soap and water (antiseptics are no better) soon after sex may help. Use of a condom while screwing (though this. Is not a widely accepted practice) will help prevent gonorrhea if you are careful not to infect yourself with your hands when you pot it on or take it off. Syphilis blood tests every three months are a necessity if you are promiscuous.

In 1969 in British Columbia there were only 121 reported cases of gonorrhea and 10 cases of syphilis among homosexuals. But the only way to be completely safe is to stick with one guy and see to it that he sticks with one guy also — namely you.

Although not a venereal disease, one way crab lice can be passed is through intimate homosexual contact. However, straight people can catch them as well. They are much more prevalent in eastern Canada than in the west. Young crab lice look like tiny off-white scabs and mature ones look like 1/8 inch diameter dark crabs. They infest hairy damp areas of the body — especially the groin. The way you tell if you have these body lice is by the unbearable itching. They can be eradicated very easily without going to a doctor.

Buy some Kwellada, Cuprax or some other pediculicide (louse killer) at your local drug store. You do not need a prescription but you do need to sign the poison book. Go home and take a very hot bath. This opens the pores to allow the poison to get at the eggs which are laid at the base of the hair follicles. Put some Vaseline on your anus and on the glans (tip) of your penis to prevent stinging lest you should spill some of the poison there. Put the Kwellada on; rub it in for one minute; wash it off; have another hot bath. Cuprax, a smelly burning liquid, must be left on for 20 minutes after rubbing it in. Ten days later repeat the performance in case any eggs survived the first treatment. But after the first treatment they are nearly always completely wiped out.


Everything I have said so far was written specifically for gay guys. If you are a gay girl, you must be wanting to know what I have learned about lesbians.

Lesbians have a much tougher time meeting other gay girls than gay guys have of meeting other gays. One reason for this is that there are fewer homosexual girls than homosexual guys in the world. And the ones who do exist try much harder than their male counterparts to keep the world at large from knowing about their homosexuality. The reason is that there is much greater prejudice against gay girls than gay guys. Many lesbians hare highly-skilled, high-paying jobs and are rightfully scared silly of losing them. Now after this rather gloomy introduction, just how do girls meet other girls? There are four main methods:

  1. gay bars which attract the goalless, jobless and truck driver type of lesbian.
  2. through normal straight contacts.
  3. through private social clubs.
  4. through other gay girls.

I won’t bother to discuss bars — though some are listed in the appendix if your would like to try this method out.

To meet girls through normal straight contacts requires that you have ways of telling if a girl has lesbian tendencies or not. I will now tell you a number of things you can do to find out.

First of all, forget appearance. You cannot tell a lesbian by appearance any more than you can a gay guy. True there are some bull-dykes ( truck driver-type lesbians) (this is really a derogatory — I really should use butch-lesbian) with their masculine clothes, taped down. Breasts, duck-tailed greaser haircuts, masculine walk and belligerent personalities, just as there are fairies among the gay guys. But the majority of the girls look perfectly normal — and I might add that some of them are stunningly beautiful.

The main way to tell if a girl is lesbian is through her attitude. She will respond more personally to you than will your other friends. She will stare at you more. She will pour on charm and will be thoroughly warm.

Certain girls can be picked out by their tomboy attitude — though not necessarily by tomboy appearance. They tend to be more independent and stronger willed than straight girls. Some are ardent feminists. Many use motorcycles or motor scooters for transportation. Quite often they are athletic bowlers, softball players or mountain climbers.

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