A Guide For the Naïve Homosexual
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Now once you have found a likely girl (even if she does not appeal to you, she mat be able to introduce you to some of her friends who do) you can ask the leading question: are you married? or are you involved with a man?. If she says no you are off to a good start, but even if she says yes, especially if she immediately lets you know she is unhappy with the relationship, don’t give up.

The next step is to become emotionally involved. Try to get into a situation where touching is permissible. For example, if she is upset you can told her hand or put. Your arm around her or go on a roller coaster ride with her and throw your arms around her in excitement or get her drunk and giggle yourselves silly.

Check the response and if things are going well you can mention that you are bisexual. Don’t tell her you are a lesbian as this is too much of a shock — especially for girls who have not yet come out.

Now assuming your hunches were correct you may be heady for some sexual expression of your emotional involvement. I cannot be too helpful here as I am personally not a lesbian and most girls don’t like to discuss the gory details. At one time nearly all lesbian relationships were between one dominant butch girl and one submissive femme girl. But just as with gay guys, this distinction has fallen away. The femme girl would strip naked and lie on her back in a bed. The butch girl would put on a flannelette nightgown that went from neck to toes and then would leap onto her femme partner devouring her breasts and pussy with her tongue. Only rarely would the femme partner perform cunnilingus on her butch lover.

Prostheses (artificial penes. Called dildos) are sometimes used — especially in Seattle — though rarely in Vancouver. In the past few years much wider varieties of sexual expression have come into being.

Most things that gay guys can do (except screwing) so can gay girls.

Now you are probably too nervous to try seducing your best friend, so you probably should try visiting a club.

Wait until Saturday night. Get cleaned and dressed casually — slacks and sweater would be appropriate. (you can skip shaving.)

Follow the instructions as for boys except after your movie go to Champagne Charlie’s (the old Bunkhouse — a straight coffeehouse) at 612 Davie — again right near Granville street. The entrance procedure is slightly more sticky than at the B&B. If you have any trouble getting in mention my name — Roedy — and the boy on the door’s — David. If possible go with another lesbian or gay guy who is already a member. Otherwise go alone or with another girl — not with a guy.

After you are inside, walk to your right down the stairs flanked by hundreds of odd-shaped little mirrors.

Have a good look around the U-shaped room once you reach the bottom of the stairs. To your right is a jolly — looking counter where you can check your coats or buy hot dogs or popcorn or soft drinks.

Straight ahead of you is a dance floor with huge fans overhead cooling the frantically dancing patrons (mixed boy and girl with a predominance of girls on Saturdays). A jukebox to your left produces music that modulates two coloured light displays. All around the room are round tables surrounded by cliques of girls and boys. At first you may have trouble breaking into one of these cliques. In the accompanying letter I gave you names and phone numbers of girls who would make this ice — breaking period easier fur you.

The techniques of meeting and picking op described for guys hilt work equally well for you. Try not to be discouraged if you get a frosty reception. The girls as a whole are quite suspicious of newcomers.

Later on in the evening will be a drag show — really quite as you may expect, gay girls tend to be more promiscuous than straight girls, but they are nowhere near as promiscuous as gay guys. Most girls settle quite thickly with one girl and then drop out of the club scene except for visits every few months or so. These relationships last typically for years and years. Because the married girls frequent the hubs less frequently and because post up the most desirable girls are married you will need a lot of patience to wait fee the girl you are looking for.

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