A Guide For the Naïve Homosexual
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 When a girl first comes out she usually sticks for a fair while with her first lover. Later on she goes through a promiscuous phase and later still she tends to settle down. When a pair of married girls visit the clubs very frequently, you can be fairly sure that one of the girls is out looking for a new lover.


Many of the older people who have written me have bragged about their extensive collections of pictures of nude men and boys or else have asked me where you can get such pictures. Nearly every city in Canada has some trashy little newsstand that sells magazines in plastic bags. Sometimes the owners will let you look at the magazines before you hay them. In the magazines are pictures of good-looking (I am baffled why anyone would model for such a magazine, much less the stunningly handsome ones that pose for the covers) guys wearing what are called posing, straps — a kind of skimpy bathing suit. Such magazines sell for about $2.50 each. Recently magazines of full nudes have become available for about $5.00 a magazine. A tamer variedly pass off as health or muscular development magazines that are sold in most small grocery stores.

If you want pictures of two or more guys actually engaged in some sexual act, not just lying around looking beautiful, then you will probably have to go to the United States where pornography laws have been recently relaxed.

 Many companies offer mail order service to Canadians. If you write to any of these places, they will put your name on their mailing list and will sell your name to other pornography publisher’s. St if you do not want to be bombarded b with unwanted advertising, don’t ever write to such a place. If you do write to such a place, be sure to specify that you are over 21 and also specify the type or pornography you are interested in or else you will he deluged with pictures of nude females. They will send you samples and prices of magazines, posters and movies. The magazines run from $2.50 to $5.00 depending on how old they are. The old ones are cheaper.

Here are 3 addresses to write to if you want pornography advertising:

Spectra Mike Diamond productions Krent
P.O. Box 2850 7471 Melrose Avenue Box 636
San Francisco 94125 Dept G San Francisco 94101
send no money Hollywood, 90046 send $4.00
send $1.00

I personally on not like pornography because of the bad effects it has on some people. Many un-come-out gays masturbate while looking at pictures of handsome young men. When they finally do come out they find they are conditioned to be aroused only by these plastic-handsome young men and thus are not satisfied with real human beings with all their physical imperfections. The older less-than-perfect-looking newly-come-out gay wastes his time chasing these unattainable young men. He has no chance, he gets discouraged and then retreats rack into his shell with his masturbatory fantasies. However, I doubt that homosexual pornography is harmful in that it ever made anyone gay, any more than straight pornography made any gay turn straight.

Physical Appearance.

Some gays (especially the older ones) have been brainwashed by the advertising media into placing an exaggerated importance on their personal appearance. Some will spend hundreds of dollars on new clothes or $13 for a haircut. Some are physical culture nuts and spend hours exercising solely for the purpose of improving their appearance. All this work is quite unnecessary. I am no living doll, but I am as popular as anyone could wish to be. Also, after several years of sleeping with a different person each week, a pretty face ceases to mean very much. Also, the really good-looking guys become contemptuous and get bad reputations as bastards. Guys who will say anything to get you into bed and then will treat you as a foreign object the next morning.

Dating Clubs

Gossip, loss of job and blackmail unduly terrify the un-come-out gay. Unscrupulous dating services play on these fears by offering discreet and confidential meetings. One such group called the Moon — Men Dating Men Association operated in Vancouver until they were exposed in January 1971.

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