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The Moon

If you wrote them asking for information, none came in the mail. A salesman appeared unexpectedly at your door even if you expressly asked that no one call. They would proceed to high-pressure you into buying a service costing between $35 and $75 depending on how much they thought they could soak you for. They assured you they operated from coast to coast and in the United States (They had offices in Toronto and Vancouver with a few-American customers who came across the border). They assured you they had ample members to give you endless dates (they had 50 members). They assured you it was police approved (but could not seem to remember the officer’s name who gave the approval). They asked you to show I.D., to protect the other members (but they would not even tell you their names). They made you hand-write and sign a paragraph saying you would not release any information about the Moon or any of its members (before they told you anything about it). If you were foolish enough to join (they did not even give you a receipt) you went off to meet your first date — a very handsome young man who liked older men, (unbeknownst to you the Moon paid him for his services. Later on your dates were other people like yourself. You were expected to have sex with every date. The Moon pestered you if they found out you were seeing any of the people that you met through the dates (you were supposed to see each person only once). After Q.Q. o the Georgia straight published the letters I wrote about my investigations into the Moon, I met many of these people who had been duped. They were not stupid, just so terrified they were willing to take a longshot gamble that the Moon was legitimate.

Another dating service is called Man to Man Inc. these people are not quite so unscrupulous as the Moon, but they are far from perfect. They purchase mailing lists and send unsolicited advertising in gaudy envelopes indiscreetly marred very personal. Inside is a rather coy questionnaire. If you send back the completed questionnaire and a rather stiff fee of $25, then they will mail you the names and addresses of people they think might be compatible based on computer matching of questionnaires.

These dating services are selling something that you can get free!


if you are an older man (35 or over — though please do not interpret this as Roedy thinks you are over the hill at 35. What other phrase could I use for guys over 35?), please forget about having sex with handsome young 18 year olds at least for the time being. True there are some men who have the wit and charm to attract them, but then there are hundreds of men who are interested in young boys and only a handful of young men who truly prefer older men. How are you as a newcomer going to stand a chance in competition with all those other men who have had years of experience and who understand how acting too horny and eager turns young guys right off? They know how to make friends first and they realize that in the end friends are much more valuable than pick-ups.

Most young guys will have sexual relations only with people approximately the same age — just as in the straight world. However, they mix socially with people of all ages. The generation gap is not such a big problem in the gay world.

But I would guess that something like 90% of boys who seem to prefer older men as sex partners really just prefer their money. Outright payments, gifts, free room and board and free booze are some of the inducements older gays must use to keep their young lovers around. Because the boys are in such demand they can and do walk all over their older lovers. And these poor older gays are so hopelessly enamoured that they allow themselves to be robbed blind and will suffer endless degradations at the hands of their merciless kept boys.

There is a wide spectrum running from those boys who hang around with a group of older men accepting free booze, to thieves, who are kept boys, to those who will expect a gift after sex, right through to male prostitutes. If you physically crave the young stuff but are too clumsy to get it for free and are too poor to keep a boy, then one possible, though not recommended solution is to hire a male prostitute.

Hustlers, as male prostitutes are called, are more likely to have V.D. than pick-ups as they do not keep track of who they sleep with, they are not as choosy and they are even more promiscuous. They are usually very good-looking, usually about 18, inevitably stupid and quite often straight but they do it for the money, about $15 to $50 for the night. What services do they perform? Mainly they just lie there without so much as moving, submitting to being screwed or sometimes to having their penes sucked.

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