A Guide For the Naïve Homosexual
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Where To Find Gays

As a result of this, a young homosexual will probably spend several years engaged in fruitless and frustrating attempts to overcome his disability. To add to his misery, he has been told again and again that he is evil and that his desires are perverted and that he will come to a sticky end.

The result, of course, is that he embarks on a new round of repression, this time consciously. convinced he is abnormal and sick, the young homosexual attempts to cure himself. He may force himself into heterosexual relationships, even to the extent of getting married, but usually he just sits and stews. if this period is prolonged it can he the source of severe psychological problems, but normally no lasting damage is done. During one op his saner moments the young homosexual finally decides that he has had quite enough of trying to cure himself: what he needs now is sex! He will try to seduce one of his friends (if ten of them are gay he will pick the eleventh!!); he will haunt the back rows of movie theatres and spend fours removing used chewing gum from his shoes): or work out at the YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) for hours (which will probably do him a great deal of good, but what he is looking for is sex.)

Where To Find Gays

There are 5 general types of places to meet young homosexual guys:

  1. cruising places
  2. steam baths
  3. gay bars
  4. private parties
  5. private social clubs
  1. cruising means walking about a place that homosexual guys frequent, staring at and looking over the good-looking guys and hoping to pick one up for one-time sex. Cruising places are usually out of doors, but sometimes they are inside restaurants, bus stations, or rest rooms. Any park in the centre of a reasonably large city — preferably not too well lit and with lots of bushes and near water — is nearly always a cruising place at night. The grounds around the legislative building in any Canadian capital city is always a cruising place. The YMCA in any city is always a place where gay people stay when visiting a city.
  2. steam baths usually consist of:

    They are something that you would think could only exist in the imagination of a man like Fellini; they are something to be seen, but only once!

  3. gay bars are like any other bars and are governed by the same archaic liquor laws. The clientèle is usually mixed: some gay, some straight, but in eastern Canadian cities these function like the private social clubs of western Canada.
  4. private parties can range from a bridge game to a full-blown orgy. Older and professional people tend to stick to house parties as these are the least publics way of meeting people, but of course you will not be invited to one unless some gay person knows you and knows you are gay. This is probably the most enjoyable form of gay life — at any rate certainly the most varied. You will find that having a group of nay friends who share your interests is much more important than sex.
  5. private social club is really a misnomer as these places are neither private nor clubs. They are called that to get around certain liquor laws. They are night clubs that require a membership card to get in. This way the management can select the type of cliental it wants.

I would not recommend any of the first 3 places for the following reasons :

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