A Guide For the Naïve Homosexual
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Victoria : Windsor

Victoria British Columbia

Cruising Places

Beacon Hill Park 1970-01 and places along the waterfront are good nights and at noon hour (of all times!). At night, mainly old men cruise.

The Causeway 1970-06 outside the Empress hotel and the legislative buildings perk up after midnight. (Victorians are very discreet.) but sometimes the area is good around 10:30 P.M.


the Bengal Room 1971-01 in the Empress hotel.

The Churchill 1970-01 1140 Government Street is your best bet

The Old Forge 1970-08 in the Strathcona hotel on Courtenay is seedy and veddy discreet.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Cruising Places

Legislative Buildings 1970-03 the surrounding grounds commonly known as The Hill are the main cruising grounds.

Steam Baths

Alexander Steam baths 1969-02


Mardi Gras 1970-06 287 portage Avenue is brightly decorated with dancing scenes reminiscent of the gay 90’s in Paris. There are some cute young guys there, but as John put it The statics of the situation are fine, but the dynamics are unbearably limp wristed.

Morocco club 1970-03 573 Portage Avenue caters to a mixed crowd. It does not have a reputation as a gay bar among straight people, but it does have a reputation as a repulsive unhealthy clip joint.

Mount Royal Bar 1971-02 is a dingy place frequented by lesbians.

Swiss chalet 1971-03 on Portage down the street from the Mardi Gras has a bar and coffee shop downstairs. $2.00 cover.


Club 654 1971-01 654 Erin street is open Saturday 9:00 P.M. to 3:00 A.M.


Dominion news 1971-01 has porn.

Frank’s 1971-01 712 Selkirk Avenue has porn.

Greyhound Bus Depot 1971-01 Mall Centre Portage Avenue has porn.

Obies 1971-01 McGregor near Selkirk

Windsor, Ontario

Steam Baths

Vesuvio Steam Baths 1970-06 563 Brant Street has a reputation as the best in Canada.

Better blatant than latent!

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