A Guide For the Naïve Homosexual
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Erogenous Zones

You will find that sex with a boy can be a lot more fun than sex with a girl. One reason for this is that you can be a lot rougher with a boy, so you need not worry about bruising him or letting too much weight rest on him. Another reason is that gay people are a lot more inventive in bed and have fewer hangups about trying different things.

Chances are your partner will ask you to do something you find disgusting, e.g. Have sex with the lights on or put on a sou’ wester and gumboots and chase him around the room beating him with a wet salmon. Whatever you do, refuse, but refuse in such a way that he is not made to feel like a dreadful pervert.

Now what are some of the disgusting immoral things he will expect you to do? nearly always you will suck his penis and he will suck yours. Technically sucking is called fellatio and putting your penis in another’s mouth is called irrumatio. Mutual fellatio is called 69. The most important thing to remember when giving a blow job (sucking) is to be careful with your teeth as they can hurt mightily. Try pulling your lips in over your teeth as though you were trying to impersonate a toothless old granny. The next most important thing is to prevent your partner from pushing his penis too far into your throat causing involuntary vomiting. Wrap your fingers around the root of his penis so that your hand blocks further entry by bumping into your face should he push in too far. When you become more experienced you will be able to control the vomiting reaction and will be able to allow him to push his penis in as far as he likes.

Try to salivate as much as possible as slipperiness causes delicious sensations. Remember that your mouth is not a passive hole — use your tongue. Fellatio is not usually an exclusive activity; it is used for variety. But should your partner have an orgasm while you are sucking him, normally you will swallow the semen. If the thought of this disgusts you however, have a Kleenex ready to spit into.

Erogenous Zones

Most gay people make no bones at all about having a lot more erogenous zones than the average straight boy will admit to having. These are likely places to find erogenous zones :

  1. Ear lobes and ears
  2. Just below the ears just behind the jaw
  3. Neck and collarbones
  4. Lips
  5. Nipples
  6. Scrotum and penis
  7. Perineum and insides of thighs
  8. Anus

What do you do with an erogenous zone when you find it? you can kiss it, suck it, run your tongue over it, lick it, tickle it, rub it, manipulate it, press it, scratch it, or flick it. You have to play around a lot to find out what combinations please your partner.

Now for a few paragraphs on the peculiar habit of screwing. To screw someone means you put your Vaseline-covered penis into his anus and slide it in and out. This excites both parties as the screwer has his penis rubbed and warmed and the screwee (if I may be permitted to coin a term) has his anal sphincter and prostate gland massaged by the sliding penis. In this way one or other or even both of the parties can ’come’ (reach an orgasm). Other lubricants besides Vaseline can be used: Johnson & Johnson’s KY rectal thermometer lubricant, baby oil, Mazola, peanut butter (smooth style, not crunchy, please) and even butter in a pinch.

For some inexplicable reason no one has been able to explain to me, there is no dreadful fecal mess, there is no dreadful fecal odour, there is nothing at all to do with shit. Because you are an anally erogenous person does not necessarily mean that you like to be screwed. The ideal screwer has a long (so he can reach) thin (so he won’t hurt the screwee) rigid (so he won’t bend on trying to enter) penis. He is able to screw from the front, or on his back with the screwee sitting or kneeling on him whereas other people have to screw from behind.

If you are screwing someone, see to it that both his anal sphincter and the glans of your penis are well lubricated. Press your penis very gently and rhythmically against his anus. Gradually take deeper and deeper strokes so that you penetrate a fraction of a millimeter further at each thrust. If he registers any pain, withdraw immediately or else he will he in excruciating agony for about five minutes. Once you can get going, he will loosen up and you can screw as violently as you want — the more violently the better.

Try not to come too soon a terrible temptation. If you do come almost immediately after penetration, you will find that if you keep up the rhythmical thrusts, your penis will not deflate and you will be able to continue for quite a while before your second orgasm. The sensation of screwing a guy is almost identical to that of screwing a girl!!

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