Future Of paedophilia

Our society’s attitude toward paedophiles is hysterical and irrational. It reminds me of the attitude toward gays in the 1950s and witchcraft in the 1700s. Anyone questioning witchcraft risked being branded a witch and burned alive. Most people are far more interested in viciously punishing paedophiles, even ones who do not molest children, than they are in protecting children from molestation.

Most Canadian cities have vigilante gangs who entrap ephebophiles (people sexually attracted to teens) then punish them without trial. They are so excitable they are sloppy. In 2016 they widely smeared the name of a police officer whose name rhymed with the suspect, and expressed no remorse.

The church has taught that thinking about a wicked act is just as bad as doing it. This makes nearly every male guilty of paedophilia in his own mind because he finds a shapely 15-year old female appealing. Vigilantes project their own paedophile guilt on others, much the way closeted homosexuals behave as extreme homicidal homophobes. The irony is, this attraction is completely normal. In our hunter-gatherer past, puberty marked the beginning of sex life.

Vigilantes take attention away from crimes against small children and focus them on much less important virtual crimes where the victim is fictitious. Real 13 year olds do not troll the net asking for sex There is little need for entrapment to protect them.

So what do I think is going to happen in the coming decades?

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)