A Guide For the Naïve Homosexual
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Most of gay oppression is based on a lack of familiarity with homosexuality. Thus the final step in gay liberation is education. You do not have to admit to the world at large that you are a homosexual in order to help in the education campaign. I have prepared a list of ways you can help. Write me for it!

But personal contact can and does educate. Use it! Everyone has at least one long-time friend he can tell. The words are, I am homosexual. He won’t suddenly think you a monster — he knows you too well — you, the guy who has muscle and wears pants like himself. He will be forced to re-examine his stereotype image of the homosexual. If you are more militant then you can tell people who are not your close friends. You can bring up the subject when someone asks if you are married. Answer, No I don’t think I will ever marry a girl. They will always ask you why and then you can explain. If you bring up the subject, you have the jump on them in the conversation.

Use the media to educate. Write a letter to your local underground newspaper expressing your new confidence in your homosexuality. Phone up a hot line radio show, I am gay and none the less a man for it. Write articles and poems (tender and otherwise) and send them to all the newspapers and magazines in Canada. Phone up radio and T.V. stations to offer yourself for a program on the new homosexual who no longer has to be ashamed. Use your talents be they conversational, literary, humourous, athletic or commercial to help educate. Smash the old conceptions and pound home the following facts:

  1. The vast majority of homosexuals never wear dresses or make-up. Transvestites (who are usually heterosexual) do however.
  2. The vast majority of homosexuals are not ashamed of themselves and have no desires to become exclusively heterosexual. They do not want to be like everybody else.
  3. The vast majority of homosexuals have strong sexual (not just friendly) feelings for other males. Homosexuality is not a chic affectation. We did not choose to be homosexual; we are not that way out of a perverse desire to be different. Saying that you cannot feel this passion yourself does not mean it cannot exist for anyone else. If you are a heterosexual male then you can no more fathom the emotions of a homosexual male than you can those of a heterosexual female.
  4. The vast majority of homosexuals do not hate women. Most gays have heterosexual experiences as well as homosexual ones. About 70%a of gays over 30 are married to women and must have children.
  5. The vast majority of homosexuals are nut hair dressers or ballet dancers. 10% of the men in any profession — from cabinet minister to garbage collector — are gay.
  6. The vast majority of homosexuals do not meet each other in washrooms or in the rack row of movie theatres. The tiny proportion of degenerate called tea room queens do however.
  7. The vast majority of homosexuals have no sexual interest in children. No one fears the average heterosexual male will molest female children, so why should anyone fear that the average homosexual male will molest male children? The men who do molest boy children are usually heterosexual.
  8. The vast majority of homosexuals are not wildly promiscuous, do not participate in orgies and rarely have sexual relations with animals. Some settle with another man in marriages than can last 20 years or more.
  9. The vast majority of homosexuals are not blackmailed or threatened with exposure; neither do police harass them in Canada. (the USA is suite another story.)
  10. The vast majority of homosexuals are not effeminate and are suite capable of speaking without a lisp and of holding their wrists suite rigid. Except for a small 4% minority of gays, there is no way you can tell whether or not a man is gay just by looking at him or by listening to his voice.

But most of all educate them by refusing to hide your self respect. We are human beings — the same as everybody else in all respects save one — we prefer sex with other men — so say it!

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