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Iraq War Casualty Pictures

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Dominance of Capitalism

A market economy is a tool — a valuable and effective tool — for organizing productive activity. A market society is a way of life in which market values seep into every aspect of human endeavour. It’s a place where social relations are made over in the image of the market.

~ Michael J. Sandel (1953-03-05 age:65) What Money Can’t Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets

Iraq War Pictures

Americans have a superstition, backed by law, that the bodies of Americans killed in war or their coffins must not be photographed. Oddly, the superstition does not apply to those they have killed. I see this law as a way to deceive the American people about the human costs of illegal wars. As a Canadian, the law does not apply to me. I feel a duty to punch Americans in the gut with such photos to persuade them to stop treating war as a football game.
~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)
These photos show the tip of the iceberg of the suffering of both Americans and Iraqis in the Iraq war. This is considered collateral damage in a $13.5 trillion oil heist of the #2 oil reserves on the planet, callously masquerading as a compassionate regime change. The occupation and slaughter carries on without an official reason now that Saddam is captured. That the Iraqis resist occupation now seems justification enough for Bush. It may sound strange, but to Bush, the following images are erotically stimulating. Note I am not saying who in particular caused any of these injuries, just that this is the sort of suffering happening to both sides as the result of the war.

Most Americans are in deep denial that their country would butcher children and civilians, routinely torture, or bomb homes. Yet nearly every American saw this live on CNN (Cable News Network) with his own eyes on 2003-03-20 when America did its Shock & Awe bombing of the residential sections of Baghdad on the opening day of the war. Granted, they did not see the blood spurting, but they saw apartments full of families being turned to rubble. Everyone knows perfectly well what happens when a bomb hits an apartment. Americans pretend the $2 trillion they borrowed for the war went for reconstruction. If that were so, every Iraqi would be living in a $400,000.00 USD mansion. That money clearly went for mayhem and destruction. Soldiers are trained and paid to kill, not build schools or hand out candy. America has behaved worse than Nazi Germany. Americans plug their ears and say lah lah lah as if that would erase their responsibility. How dare they claim to be a Christian nation!

Many Americans have written me convinced none of the casualties in the photos below could not possibly have been done by Americans. They seem to think American soldiers are in Iraq to act as police rather than killers. Consider. Iraqis have only IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) IED (Improvised Explosive Device) s) to fight with. Whereas only American have helicopters to drop people out of, white phosphorus to mummify them, napalm to cook them to a crisp, cluster bombs to shread them, DU (Depleted Uranium) etc. So if you see a white phosphorus victim, nobody but Americans could have done it.

Casualties of the Iraq War, American and Iraqi
One side of a murdered Iraqi erring on the side of life
American soldier in flames Modern medicine means that the ratio of American soldiers maimed/disabled/brain-damaged to killed is much higher than in previous wars.
Iraqi severed arm typical of image US soldiers trade for porn
Iraqi severed arm typical of image US soldiers trade for porn
According to Scoop, US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan have posted on the Internet several hundred photographs of mutilated corpses from the real war in exchange for free on-
line pornography.
American torso
A young man killed in the Iraq war.
dead Iraqi boy lying on rocks, almost camouflaged.
A young Iraqi boy murdered then left to rot on the rocks.
Iraqi man beheaded with gunfire at an American checkpoint
Iraqi man beheaded with gunfire at an American checkpoint.
American Soldier showing a severed Iraqi arm hung in a mosque to terrorise the Iraqi resistance.
American Soldier showing a severed Iraqi arm hung in a mosque to terrorise the Iraqi resistance.
Falluja white phosphorus female victim
Fallujah white phosphorus chemical weapon victims
Falluja white phosphorus victim
Iraq skeleton burned Iraqi baby
Iraq beheading
Both Americans and Iraqis do beheadings using bombs.
Iraqi boy with one eye
Iraq beheading
missing face
Dead American soldier with face blown off.
missing eye
Dead American soldier with eye missing and part of face shot off.
hole in body
Dead American soldier with a hole in the side of the body.
Iraq bone exposed
Bone exposed from charring
Iraq foot
foot blown off
Iraq bloody head
dead Iraqi
Iraqi baby
Iraq child with tubes Iraq mushroom cloud
shock & awe
Iraq bullet car An Iraqi boy reacts after seeing his sister and both of his parents killed in the car, in Ramadi, 100 kilometers west of Baghdad, 2005-01-05. Four Iraqi civilians were killed and two others were injured when U.S. soldiers opened fire.
coffins Bush had the woman fired who dared to take this photo of coffins being loaded each night in Kuwait for secret shipment back home. More. Bush does not count soldiers who die en route to hospital or in hospital in Germany as deaths. This means the true death count of American soldiers is over five times higher than Bush is reporting. In 2006 the Pentagon relented and has released some coffin photos such as these.
coffins It is illegal to take photographs of coffins of US soldiers, though in 2005-05 the military released some anonymous and undated photos. Bush wants to pretend nobody dies in his wars and to hide the true number of deaths.
Iraq stink Iraq American soldier
Iraq starvation starved Iraqi baby
Not all the deaths are from bullets, napalm and white phosphorus. Some a come from deliberate starvation, denial of water and denial of sanitation.
dusty baby bloody legs
small baby small baby
boy without arms burned baby
3 in a box Iraqi man and girl
dead soldier missing part of head
skull fracture Iraq checkpoint
Check point
candle in skull gunpoint
Iraq mushroom cloud Iraq bloody eye
Iraq female burn victim Iraq male burn victim
Burned corpse of American mercenary
Burned corpse of American mercenary, a contractor for Blackwater security
Iraq bandaged baby
The pentagon has been shutting down websites that show pictures and assassinating the newspeople that create them. I would advise collecting them and passing them around by email, since that is harder for the Pentagon to stop. The Daily Mirror in Britain bravely left one of their stories in place all XXed out instead of just removing it into Orwellian oblivioun when censored.

There are suprisingly few pictures of the damage or the casualties of Gulf War I or the sanction bombings. Bush Sr. exercised strict censorship. Please pass on URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) of any photos that speak to the heart.

My opponents argue that I can’t prove precisely who was responsible for the carnage in any individual photo. My intent is not a criminal investigation of each incident but to show you just how horrible war in general is. It is no secret the USA has spent $300 billion on waging its war in Iraq, that it attacked unprovoked under false pretences and that it used weapons banned by the U.N., including napalm, cluster bombs, depleted uranium and white phosphorus. It also uses torture, rape and attack dogs on children. The pictures on and linked to by my website don’t come even close to depicting the true hell president Bush has created in his bid to takeover Iraq’s oil.

You might wonder why there are not more pictures of American casualties. There are four reason for this:

  1. The US military heavily censors photos of US casualties.
  2. There are far fewer US casualties than Iraqi.
  3. US soldiers like to photograph dead Iraqis much as they photograph hunting trophies. Iraqis are not as well supplied with cameras.
  4. I don’t really give a fig personally about US soldiers who die. Those US soldiers voluntarily chose the profession of hired killers. They kill for thrills and money, not because they are defending their country. I care about civilians, especially children, of any nationality or religion. I realise, however, that most Americans are infected with racism and nationalism and care only about American deaths and then only white ones, so I will gladly post any photos you can find of US casualties to pound home the cost of this war in suffering to Americans too.


Americans are as deeply in denial to their wrongdoing as Nazis were. They imagine that America spent three trillion dollars ($120,000.00 per Iraqi man, woman and child (in a country with an average monthly wage of $5) to create grief for Iraqis, all without killing any non-combatants. What nonsense! Sgt. Frank Wuterich (accused of murdering 24 civilians) explained in a 60 Minutes interview that the policy is to kill anyone who shows hostile intent That would include a child throwing rocks or old women screaming obscenities. That would include anyone who did not lie on the ground in submission — something the non-English speaking Iraqis are supposed to automatically understand. He said that he and his men threw grenades into houses, without doing any checks first to see if there was anynone there who was a combatant. Their belief is the only good Iraqis is a dead Iraqi, that Iraqi civilians are worthless scum, so it is perfectly acceptable to kill children on the off chance they might kill a resistance fighter in the process. The American soldiers have lower morality than the Nazis in this regard.

Freedom = No Health Care

Freedom is always just one generation away from extinction. We don’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. We have to fight for it and protect it and then hand it to them, so that they shall do the same, or we’re going to find ourselves spending our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children, about a time in America, back in the day, when men and women were free.

~ Ronald Reagan (1911-02-06 2004-06-05 age:93) Warning against the dangers of universal health care, no kidding.
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