Torture Glossary

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Torture Glossary

bad guys
citizens of a country with resources the USA covets.
the retaliation for underhanded activity where that activity was kept secret from the people, so that the retaliation appears without motivation.
colatteral damege
Killing civilians. Even if the military drops bombs on private homes, intentionally killing the inhabitants, they pretend to regret it, as if it were some unfortunate, but unavoidable accident.
burning hair
dating the walrus
A walrus is a large arctic mammal. Walrus’s have the longest baculum (penis bone) of any living mammal about 50 cm (1.64 ft) long. Walruses don’t do well in desert climates. So the phrase means inserting large objects into the rectum.
A prisoner of war (POW) selected for torture.
detention centre
torture dungeon
dog handling
frightening with dogs. Getting dogs to bite prisoners. Getting dogs to anally or vaginally rape prisoners.
double dipping
enhanced interrogation techniques
Torture techniques that must be kept secret to avoid public revulsion.
ethnic cleansing
Exterminating an entire ethnic group.
extraordinary rendition
Handing over someone to a third world country to be tortured to avoid the legal checks on toture in a first world country. The USA placed its torture dungeon in Cuba as a legal dodge to avoid constitutional protections from torture.
Originally it meant the right to do what you pleased so long as you did not harm others. In Bush speak it means American corporate interests, as in the marines are defending freedom night and day all over the globe.
derogatory term used by American soldiers for Iraqis, similar to gook or slope of the Viet Nam era. It literally means a Muslim on a pilgrimage to Mecca.
Properly speaking a rebel against a legitimate government. In Bush-speak a member of the resistance.
interrogation protocols
techniques of torture
Originally it meant the right to say whatever you pleased without fear of being jailed. In Bush speak, it means American domination, as in the marines are spreading liberty to every country on earth.
juice ball
Routine torture of all detainees. OIL (Operation Iraqi Liberation), renamed to OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom), when somebody noticed the unintended honesty.
pop top
pounding the marbles
Squashing the testicles
(Person Under Control), a prisoner
Sending a POW to a country with lax rules against torture for really nasty torture out of sight. Condoleeza Rice claims the USA does rendition, but claims it is not for torture. She claims the USA trusts the target country noted for torture not to torture these particular prisoners. Get serious! Why bother with rendition then? If the USA were not torturing, they would keep the suspects in jail in the continental USA. They keep them outside the USA, e.g. in Guantánamo and in eastern Europe, so they that American laws against cruel and unusual treatment of prisoners do not apply. There is no other reason for rendition.
riding the dog
rogue nation
a nation that won’t hand over its oil to the USA without a fight.
Properly speaking someone who kills civilians. The American invaders of Iraq would fit this definition. In Bush-speak, a member of the resistance.
tough tactics
torture to extract bogus confessions
town meeting
informercial filming
unlawful combatants
prisoners of war
occupation. The Iraq war proper was over within a week. The Iraqi army was defeated. The capital was occupied. A puppet dictatorship was installed. What has happened since has been an occupation. Bush called it a war because Americans don’t like losing wars and were thus more easily suckered into continuing the occupation. You can’t win or lose an occupation. You can only decide when to end it.
where a suspect is strapped to a board, turned upside down and immersed in a wet towel to simulate the feeling of drowning until he loses consciousness. Some say it literally is drowning by forcing water into the mouth and nose. Others claim it just a nice warm bath to relax the suspect into confessing.

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