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The Beheading

Recently, Iraqis have beheaded an American, dragged American corpses through the streets and fed American corpses to the dogs. Americans claim this is an outrage. Normally, it would be. Despite evidence that the beheading execution of Nick Berg was staged and that the man in the video, supposedly Zarqawi, was actually US Marine Corporal Wassef Ali Hassoun, let’s presume for argument’s sake, that it was real and that the Iraqis did it, not the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency).

Americans refuse to acknowledge that they brought this on themselves by pushing the Iraqis to such desperate measures to get the Americans to back off. During the sanction bombings in the decade after the Gulf War I, Americans killed one in ten Iraqis, mostly children. Americans bombed water treatment, sewage and electrical plants in violation of the Geneva convention. Many of these kids died horrible slow deaths of thirst, cholera and starvation. Most Americans don’t even know they did that. Iraqis cannot forget.

Most Americans think Iraq was behind 2001-09-11. Even Bush admitted that was not so, after tricking the American people into believing it.

Bush invaded Iraq on a lie, a pretext that Iraq had nuclear weapons and were about to use them on the USA. This was similar to what Hitler did with his phony excuse for invading Poland. Iraq was no threat at all to the USA. She was completely disarmed and destitute. The Americans have no moral legitimacy at all to invade because the attack was totally unprovoked. America claims to be spreading democracy with its colonialistic wars, yet installs puppet dictators in its wake. Bush has acted like a bully. Why? Because he covets Iraq’s oil.

The Iraqi people have every moral right to fight the invaders. The Iraqis are not terrorists; they are not even insurgents; they are the resistance or perhaps the partisans. Killing invading soldiers and mercenaries is not terrorism, no matter how gruesomely done; killing civilians is. Ironically, it is the Americans who technically are the terrorists because they are the ones butchering civilians.

Watching Americans act offended by the maltreatment of unfeeling corpses is almost amusing. It is the merest flick of revenge for the infinitely greater American malice against real living Iraqi children. See the photos above.

Americans pooh-pooh Iraqi outrage at the confinement, torture and sexual abuse of Iraqi civilians who committed no crime more serious that driving while Iraqi. What if the tables were reversed? Would you too not seek revenge?

Hamurabi said an eye for an eye was reasonable revenge. The Iraqis are taking only one eye for every twenty the Americans are taking and that does not even count the decimation during the sanction bombings where the American lost no one and the Iraqis lost a tenth of their population. And still the Americans consider the Iraqis are being unreasonably cruel and vindictive. If kids were not being maimed and killed, you’d have to laugh at their blindness.

Of course, what the Iraqis have done is horrible, but at the same time, what the Americans have done, that brought on that revenge, is hundreds of times worse. The American public wear special filtering spectacles so they can only see the evil others do, never their own.

History of Iraq

The Iraq war is about oil, not to disarm Saddam. At the end of Gulf War I, most of Saddam’s weapons were destroyed. Inspectors destroyed 95% of what was left. American bombing deliberately poisoned the Iraqi water supply, in violation of the Geneva Convention article 54. For the following dozen years the US bombed Iraq daily. During that time 1 in 11 Iraqis were killed and zero Americans were killed. The Pentagon claims these bombings were done in self defense. Inspectors have done over 300 more inspections and found nothing of consequence. It is safe to say Iraq has far fewer weapons than in Gulf War I, and in Gulf War I she was a pushover. Iraq is thus no great danger to anyone.

Why then was Bush in such an all-fired hurry to spend $1 trillion ($333 million dollars for each of the 3000 Pentagon’s projected Iraqi deaths) and nuke the garden of Eden? The U.N. projected 100,000 deaths, or a mere $10 million each at the bulk discount. Somebody is overcharging to kill Iraqis. Arafat talks people into becoming suicide bombers for a mere $15 thousand each. Companies who sell war supplies are going to get very rich off this war. Chevron won’t put up a cent of its own money for the war, but will get the $13.5 trillion in oil. The oil motives are complex, dealing with euro petrodollars and busting OPEC (the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries). Much of the sabre rattling against Iran is for the same reason.

The nuking of an unarmed Iraq is also a callous show of shock and awe a gangster’s technique of publicly, dramatically and brutally beating one victim, then everyone else watching meekly hands over the extortion money or whatever else the gangster wants. America has embarked on an imperialistic phase where she plans to dominate the world by force and fear charted by PNAC (Project for the New American Century) Bush’s militarist fascist think tank.

Finally the war helps distract from the many scandals, the collapsing dollar and the record deficits.

Why Are The Iraqis Fighting So Hard?

The invading American soldiers made a huge blunder. When they took Basra they planted an American flag on the palace. The Iraqis took this to mean America had come to conquer them, not to liberate them. I heard this from an Canadian Iraqi woman who had been talking with relatives back home. The entire populace felt betrayed.

That one dipstick insensitive action meant the difference between an easy victory and a fight to the death. American arrogance got her in trouble yet again.

The teenage boys Saddam has pressed into military service are in an unenviable position.

This leaves them little choice but to fight to the death. Now that Saddam has gone, every Iraqi has lost a family member to the Americans in either the sanction bombings or the war. They are honour bound to get revenge.

What the Iraqis Want

Imagine being an Iraqi. Prior to the Iraq war, Americans bombed you for a dozen years of sanction bombings killing one in ten. In the Iraq war, Bush slaughtered your children and families and friends. He tortured and raped them in the POW (Prisoner Of War) camps. There is not a person in Iraq who does not have a family member or friend killed by Americans. There is no possible way you can forgive this, even though you are glad Saddam is gone. Would you want the American butchers running your country, selling off your assets, controlling your oil? Of course, not. You want freedom and independence, same as the Viet Namese, same as any people.

True, there are some collaborators, but they still hate the Americans. Why would they collaborate in the megatheft of Iraq’s oil?

The following is a letter from Sister Meriam in occupied Iraq, dated 2005-05-18.

We want the Americans to go back home. Iraq is our country, not theirs. However, the Americans seem to think it is their country. It is not theirs now, nor will it ever be theirs, unless they kill all of us, men, women and children. We are raising our children to resist this illegal, this immoral, this un-Christian occupation. I am a Christian, my husband is a Muslim, we both want the Americans out. They are causing us nothing but harm, sickness, poverty and lawlessness.

We did not like Saddam Hussein, but at least under him we had clean drinking water, good hospitals, food on the table, safety in the streets and our homes were not attacked day and night by foreign troops. All we have now is misery, poverty, disease and fear. We never know when American troops will raid our homes, steal our jewels and money, rape our women, beat our men and scare our children.

I am an educator in Baghdad. The trauma suffered by our children will last for generations. This trauma will also make these children hate the Americans and the British, but the Americans more because we know that George W. Bush was behind this rape of our country, its schools, its culture and its people.

We will continue fighting back against this occupation, this rape, so long as any of us has a breath or an ounce of blood. We also know our Arab and Muslim and Christian brothers and sisters will come from other lands to help us drive out these devils that dress in the clothes of Americans. We also know that there are many Israelis here, both the Mossad and military advisors and investors who are trying to steal our oil, our land and our resources. One day, we shall drive them all out and may God punish these evil-doers. May Jesus Christ himself lead the charge against these devils who call themselves Christians and Jews. My husband prays that all Muslims will come to our aid, and I hope for Christians to stand up in their lands and condemn these devils who wear come to do us great harm.

I hope this letter will awaken some to understand that we do not want the Americans here and we will do all we can to drive them out and we will not rest until they are all gone.

Go home to your wives, your children, to your loved ones, do not stay here to torture and kill us, for us if stay, God will surely punish you and your country and you will lose your limbs, your life and also eventually your souls, your families and you will end us with nightmares and sickness from the Depleted Uranium and your own sense of guilt for having killed Iraqis for the devil himself, George W. Bush — may he be damned unto hell itself and burn eternally.

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