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Disrespecting Soldiers

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Disrespecting American Soldiers

Whenever an American soldier is killed in the Iraq war, he is honoured as a hero, as if he were a true soldier who gave his life to defend his country as hundreds of thousands did in World War II. But this soldier has utterly nothing in common with the brave defenders of freedom in WWII (World War II). Today’s soldier has the morals and motivation as of perverted serial killer.

Why do I say this?

American Soldiers are Just Serial Killers

So an American soldier today is just a serial killer smart enough not likely to get caught, like the Kevin Kostner character in the movie Mr. Brooks. Please excuse me if I don’t pretend to grieve when one of these men (or women) bites the big one. He got damn well what he deserved. May he rot in hell for eternity for his crimes against the children of Iraq. He is not a soldier. He has nothing in common with the men who fought in WWII. He has much more in common with a hired killer. It is revolting the way people treat him with the respect as if he were truly a soldier. That false undeserved respect is the ultimate disrespect for those who did give their lives for a just cause.

Natural Justice

When the military screws soldiers who come back disabled, or I hear of their psychological problems, I rejoice at the natural justice of the universe. I think of the misery these guys created in Iraq to people who did absolutely nothing to provoke the malice. When one of these guys is killed I give a sigh of relief that another serial killer has been removed from the gene pool. It is sad when a child loses a father, but that soldier was busy killing other kids' fathers, so it is a Good Thing™ when somebody finally stops his killing spree.

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