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How Will It End

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How Will The Iraq War End

I can see only three possible (though not equally likely) scenarios by which the Iraq (and Afghanistan) wars will end.
  1. The Iraqis defeat the USA. The USA surrenders and accepts the yoke of fundamentalist Islam. Islam is considerably more onerous than even the Texas fundamentalist Christian sects. Not bloodly likely. The US military is bigger than all the other militaries of earth combined.
  2. The Muslims surrender and accept the yoke of foreign domination by a country that uses routine, mass torture and Shock & Awe™ (i.e. killing civilians with cluster bombs, napalm, white phosporus and other banned weapons, more honesty termed terrorism by the historians), economic exploitation and infidel Christian proselytising.
  3. The USA and its allies call off their illegal unprovoked attacks. The USA gives up trying to steal Iraq’s oil and turning Iraq into an American colony.
I can’t conceive of (1) or (2) ever happening. Surrender is absolutely, completely unthinkable to both sides.

That leaves (3) as the route by which the war will eventually end. If that is how the war will eventually end, we alone have the choice to end it now or end it later. The only people who benefit from dragging it on are corrupt defence contractors like Halliburton. The financial interests of parasites like Halliburton are not a valid motive for war. The war is expensive in suffering, lives and dollars. There is no benefit to ordinary folk in prolonging it.

The problem is the longer the wars drag on, the deeper we dig ourselves in and the harder they will be to terminate. Defence contractors dig their tentacles of corruption ever deeper into the US government and entrench their entitlements to an ever-larger share of the tax pie. That expendure can only be justified by perpetual war. Even if the Iraq war or Afghanistan wars end, the defence industry will arrange for substitute wars to take over the task of fleecing the tax payer, like the many-headed Hyrda of mythology.

Pride, namely refusing to acknowledge that war in general is an idiotic idea and that we were collectively damn fools to attack when we were not threatened, is keep us fighting pointlessly. Idiotically, we are happy to throw more corpses on the fire to procrastinate acknowledging those who died before died in vain.

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