Conclusions about the Iraq War

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Nothing will end war unless the people themselves refuse to go to war.
~ Albert Einstein (1879-03-14 1955-04-18 age:76)


This is a callous oil grab trying desperately to masquerade as a compassionate regime change.

The bottom line is George W. Bush is sucking Americans into handing over their civil liberties and their lives at the request of big oil.

The saddest part about the war is that Bush turned down Saddam’s surrender. Bush could have had internationally supervised elections, all of Iraq’s oil, an invasion force to search for WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction) s, all without a shot fired, not a single child killed. But Bush chose shock & awe instead.

Hawks often accuse me of wanting to be enslaved. When soldiers defend their country, I have no problem with using deadly force. My problem is with war crimes — which all American soldiers are currently guilty of. This includes:

  1. waging aggressive war

    The USA attacked both Afghanistan and Iraq unprovoked. Aiding or abetting such a war in any way, even peeling potatoes, is an international war crime. Every enlistee is openly guilty of this capital crime. It is the only charge used to hang all the Nazis at Nuremberg.
  2. targeting civilians

    Everyone with a TV saw Shock & Awe with their own eyes on the opening night of the war when Bush bombed the residential areas of Baghdad.
  3. use of banned weapons

    including napalm, cluster bombs, land mines and white phosphorus.
  4. routinely torturing

    routinely torturing all POW (Prisoner Of War) s, including child detainees.
  5. Geneva Conventions

    violating nearly every one of the Geneva Conventions.
Anyone who volunteers to participate in a war under such conditions is a sadistic [expletive deleted]. Americans are behaving even worse than Nazis in Afghanistan and Iraq. Thus the soldiers do not deserve any of the usual respect and should be figuratively spat upon at every opportunity to help them wake up to the fact they are not noble soldiers defending freedom but rather psychotic war criminals.

Is it possible that a few rich men — a small class of men — have persuaded a million poor men to attack and attempt to destroy another million men as poor as they, so that the rich may be richer still?

They told them that this brutal war was the destiny of the race. It was for the glory of the emperor; it was for the honour of the state; it was for their king and country. False - false as hell! They make war to capture markets by murder, raw materials by rape. They find it cheaper to steal than to exchange, easier to butcher than to buy. This is the secret of war. It is the secret of all wars: profit.

Business. Profit. Blood money.

Threaten a reduction on the profit of their money and the beast in them awakens with a snarl. They become as ruthless as savages, brutal as madmen, remorseless as executioners.

~ Dr. Norman Bethune (1890-03-04 1939-11-12 age:49), 1939, from his essay Wounds.

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