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Defence Science Board

The Defence Science Board is part of the Pentagon. It tabled a report on the state of the Iraq war and posted it on the Defense Science Board website on 2004-12-13, delaying from September to ensure it did not embarrass Mr. Bush during the election. It was remarkably candid. Though the language is stilted, the things it says are in direct contradiction to the line Cheney, Bush and Rumsfeld have been handing you.

The document has changed since I first quoted it. It is now not quite so blunt as it once was and uses deliberately vague, bureaucratic language to disguise the tongue lashing it gives George W. Bush. Then in 2008-09 they pulled it altogether, presumably to ensure it did not embarrass Republicans during their convention. You can read it in various incarnations with the Wayback Machine feeding it the original URL (Uniform Resource Locator)

Some of the things it says, quoted verbatim from the new version, are:

The report diplomatically says that George Bush totally screwed up the Iraq war. Citizens of every country but America, especially Muslims, saw how the Bush Administration lied about having proof of WMDs (Weapon of Mass Destructions) and the Ba’athist-connection with al Qaeda to justify the invasion of Iraq, which resulted in hideous deaths of over a hundred thousand civilian Iraqis, mostly children and the maiming of an order of magnitude more.

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