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Despising Americans

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Why I Despise Most Americans

I get email all the time from Americans claiming to be puzzled why I despise America. Let me spell it out more clearly.
  1. On 2001-10-07 the USA attacked Afghanistan unprovoked. It is an international war crime to aid or abet such an aggressive war. Nearly all Americans support that illegal war.
  2. On 2003-03-20 the USA attacked Iraq unprovoked. It is an international war crime to aid or abet such an aggressive war. Colin Powell presented counterfeit evidence of Iraq’s alleged nuclear weapons at the UN (United Nations) to justify the preemptive attack. Nearly all Americans supported that illegal war. They only had second thoughts when the costs in dollars and American lives mounted, not because they had an attack of conscience.
  3. America routinely tortures detainees in Afghanistan and Iraq. This is illegal by the Geneva conventions. Only a handful of Americans made any protest.
  4. Americans killed over hundred thousand civilians, mostly children. Targeting civilians is illegal by the Geneva conventions. Nearly all Americans excuse this behaviour.
  5. The American soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq are in no way defending the USA. They are fighting to control oil. The attraction of the war to soldiers is not the money or the travel, but the appeal of absolute power of life and death over others, the opportunity to maim, rape, kill and plunder without restraint. The soldiers are morally then the equivalent of Mafia hitmen. Nearly all Americans treat them as heroes, on the same plane as those who sacrificed their lives in WWII (World War II) to protect the USA. This a blasphemy. Nearly all Americans support president Bush in thumbing his nose at the world court and harbouring American war criminals safe from prosecution. America forces other countries to violate their treaty duty to prosecute war criminals on their soil.
  6. Americans use banned weapons such as Napalm, white phosphorus, cluster bombs and depleted uranium to kill slowly and painfully.
  7. The Bush administration gradually whittled away at constitutional right after constitutional right with a mere peep of protest. America is a nation of cowards. A people afraid to lift a finger to defend the constutition don’t deserve to have such an exemplary constitution.
I can’t understand how anyone could be proud to belong to a country that degenerate. It is like being proud of being a German in the time of Hitler.

My anger and contempt are based on the above seven recent behaviours of Americans. I have nothing inherent against Americans per se, just the majority of Americans who support these wrongful acts. My room mate is an American and my ex is an American. They don’t support the mayhem.

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