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Iraq War Atrocities

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Never in human history have such genocide and cruelty been witnessed. Such a genocide was never seen in the time of the pharaohs nor of Hitler nor of Mussolini
~ Mehmet Elkatmi head of Turkish parliament’s human rights commission on Bush’s genocide in the Iraq war. 2004-11-28, originally reported in the Sunday Times of Australia, since withdrawn.

What does Elkatmi mean? He clearly does not mean Bush has already killed 6 million people as Hitler did. He is referring to the cruelty. Even Hitler refused to use poison gas. Hitler and Stalin only used a handful of tortures. Bush has concocted over 70. Bush is a torture and atrocity gourmet. Further, Bush’s systematic extinction of the Iraqi people apparently has no motive. It is violence for the sake of violence.

  1. Private Joshua Key reported US soldiers playing soccer with the decapitated heads of Iraqi soldiers on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) Newsworld. 2007-03-04.
  2. Steven Green, accused rapist and murderer Paul Cortez, accused rapist and murderer
    Pfc. Steven Green,
    accused rapist and murderer
    Sgt. Paul Cortez,
    accused rapist and murderer

    Six US soldiers have been charged with gang raping a 14 year old Iraqi girl then murdering her and her 5-year old sister and her parents. Accused include Pcf. Steven Green of Midland Texas, Spc. James Barker, Sgt. Paul Cortez, Pfc. Jesse Spielman, Pfc. Bryan Howard and Sgt. Anthony Yribe. If these men are convicted, it would be fitting if they were treated for the rest of their lives as dangerous sex offenders and driven out of every town they try to live.

  3. The four soldiers — Pfc. Corey R. Clagett, Spc. William B. Hunsaker, Staff Sgt. Raymond L. Girouard and Spc. Juston R. Graber have been accused of killing blindfolded Iraqi detainees for sport.
  4. Col. Michael Steele ordered his soldiers to kill all military age males.
  5. Lining up unarmed civilians and shooting them execution style, just as the Nazis did.
  6. American soldiers used white phosphorus in the operation Phantom Fury attack on Fallujah. Though white phosphorus is not specifically banned, all incendiaries were banned by the UN in 1980. White phosphorus spreads on the skin and catches fire. It cannot be extinguished or washed off with water. In military slang, white phosphorus is known as Willy Pete. or Whiskey Pete. Italian TV broke the story. The Boston Globe,All Headline News and Reuters reported the story. Italian TV did a documentary on the American use of white phosphorus on the citizens of Fallujah. You can play a low-res version of the movie online click to watch click to watch click to watch. You can download a higher quality version of the movie with BitTorrent click to watch click to watch The movie deserves to be shown in IMAX (Image Maximum), so please try for the hi-res version. Last revised/verified: 2005-11-08
  7. Mark 77 Incendiary bombs All incendiaries have been banned by the UN (United Nations) since 1980. The department of defence has admitted to using MK-77 in Iraq. MK-77 is just napalm in canisters.
  8. 4 year old Iraqi boy with drawing injured in Bush has completely ignored the Geneva conventions in this war. He has behaved even worse that Hitler in that regard. Read them for yourself the Geneva Conventions treaty the USA signed at the UN that it is flagrantly violating. America flagrantly targets civilians.
  9. You smell that? Do you smell that? Napalm, son. Nothing else in the world smells like that. I love the smell of napalm in the morning. You know, one time we had a hill bombed, for twelve hours. When it was all over I walked up. We didn’t find one of ’em, not one stinkin’ dink body. The smell, you know that gasoline smell, the whole hill. Smelled like… victory.
    ~ Robert Duvall (1931-01-05 age:87), Apocalypse Now 1979
    American soldiers used napalm in the attack on Fallujah. Napalm has been banned by the UN since 1980. The Iraqi puppet government made this complaint against the USA. Giuliana Sgrena, the Italian journalist Americans shot at with 400 bullets, accused the Americans of using napalm in Fallujah. : source
  10. mustard gas: even Hitler refused to use this.
  11. nerve gas: even Hitler refused to use this. On 2005-03-01, Dr. Khalid ash-Shaykhli of Iraq’s Ministry of Health made the revelation at a Baghdad press conference :U.S. forces used mustard gas, nerve gas and other burning chemical weapons against Iraqi civilians in their November assault on the city of Falluja.
  12. Depleted Uranium: click to watch featuring Pulitzer prize winner John Hanchette and Pentagon DU (Depleted Uranium) expert Dr. Doug Rokke, a serving officer for 30 years. It is mostly about the experiences with DU in the first Gulf War. America, Britain, Russia and Pakistan all convert their nuclear power plant wasted into DU weapons and sell them on the international market. A DU round is 10 pounds of solid uranium, contaminated with plutonium, americium, neptunium and uranium-236. It catches fire the instant it leaves the barrel. On impact, 40-50% spalls (breaks off into tiny bb sized shrapnel). The oxides form a fine inhalable powder. One third of the Gulf War vets are on permanent disability. [The Gulf War soldiers were in Iraq a tiny fraction of the time the soldiers are being kept in Iraq.] Rokke says he was ordered to lie about DU because the military was determined to continue using it, despite the danger to US troops. Bush sent troops to Iraq with known defective gas masks. In the Iraq heat, the sweat breaks contact at the side of the face. Since the Iraq war started in 2003, American forces have fired at least 120 tons of shells packed with depleted uranium.
  13. American soldiers used poison gas in the attack on Fallujah. The US admitted to using banned white phosphorus bombs for illumination in the levelling of Fallujah.
  14. According to the prestigious medical journal Lancet, American soldiers killed over 100,000 civilians, most of them children.
  15. In one month of the war, Associated Press tallied 3,240 civilians deaths in Iraq. The count was fragmentary and the complete toll is sure to be significantly higher.
  16. Before the war started, the World Health Organisation estimated that 100,000 Iraqi civilians could be wounded and another 400,000 hit by disease after the bombing of water and sewage facilities and the disruption of food supplies. The actuality turned out to be considerably worse.
  17. The UN estimate was 100,000 people would be injured in the Iraq war.
  18. As of 2006-06-05 the estimate was at least 251,102 killed and 532,715 seriously wounded in Afghanistan and Iraq.
  19. Iraqi ex-patriates who were in Iraq that I talked to estimated the number of civilian deaths as a result of the sanction bombings between 1 and 2 million. I find testimony of the victims more credible than that of the perpetrator of a crime.
  20. How many Iraqi citizens have died in this war? I would say 30,000, more or less, have died as a result of the initial incursion and the ongoing violence against Iraqis.
    George W. Bush, 2005-12-14.
  21. Killing 2/3 of the people in Fallujah. Not even Hitler was that ruthless.
  22. American soldiers tortured prisoners at Abu Ghraib and Guantánamo Bay detention centre. The FBI corroborated. The story was carried by UPI, The New York Times (which did dozens of front page stories). Other papers carried it, but have since withdrawn their stories.
  23. Sgt. Erik Saar has written a book called Inside the Wire about his six months torturing POWs (Prisoner Of Wars) at Guantánamo.
  24. American soldiers sexually abused prisoners at Abu Ghraib.
  25. American soldiers raped children, both male and female.
  26. American soldiers are issued candy that they hand out to Iraqi children to attract them to form a human shield.
  27. U.S. soldiers held Iraqi women hostages in order to pressure male relatives to surrender.
  28. American soldiers cut off water supplies, bombed electric plants and sewage plants causing epidemics of cholera, dysentery and typhus.
  29. American soldiers have forbidden Iraqi farmers to grow anything unless they buy the seed containing terminator genes (to make the seed sterile) from American companies such as Monsanto.
  30. American soldiers bombed hospitals, mosques and private residences.
  31. Bush bombed the water treatment plant in Basra in order to kill children. This is a repeat of this same Geneva convention violation during the sanction bombings. This is deeply shameful thing to do because it targets children specifically. They die faster from lack of water and they die more quickly from drinking polluted water. This is a particularly grievous war crime. Dying of thirst is a hideous torture millions of times more painful than you would ever imagine. I have experienced being tortured this way personally. You must stop this.
  32. Ongoing burning crops using fireballs dropped from Apache helicopters.
  33. Assassinated the ITV (Independent Television) news team after threatening both the ITV and BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) teams. They did not arrest, they blew them to tiny pieces.
  34. Shut down websites that showed any of the dead soldiers, civilians or destruction. They shut down They shut down after PayPal cut them off so they could not receive donations, (which PayPal later did to WikiLeaks). They shut down I suspect they have a Denial of Service attack going on You can sometimes find the censored materials by searching with Google and selecting cached.
  35. Destroyed the cameras of the Lebanon news team that discovered 40 dead Americans.
  36. The proposed Oregon anti demonstrator bill that provides a 25 year sentence without parole for any demonstrator, if anyone in a demonstration interferes with commerce or is rowdy, even if that person was a plant. By this law Martin Luther King would have got life at his first lunch counter protest.
  37. Dropped three precision bombs by accident on Iran. They claim these thing are accurate to the foot, but they could not even get the right country three times.
  38. Dropped five precision bombs by accident on Syria 482.80 km (300 miles) away from Baghdad. Strangely, no bombs at all fell by accident on Israel which is 321.87 km (200 miles) from Iraq.
  39. Landed five precision Tomahawk missiles by accident on Saudi Arabia.
  40. Sent a missile into a Kuwait shopping center.
  41. Bombed Children’s Hospital in Rutbah.
  42. illegal ammunition used by military contractors.
  43. The United States stopped firing missiles at Iraq through Turkish airspace Friday after a missile in flight fell in southeastern Turkey.
  44. The American soldiers destroyed the Iraqi TV broadcasting station. The American government has intimidated, shut down or killed most of the effective voices opposing the war.
    The attempt to silence a man is the greatest honour you can bestow on him. It means that you recognise his superiority to yourself.
    ~ Joseph Sobran (1946-02-23 age:72)
  45. On 2003-04-02 US aircraft hit a Red Crescent maternity hospital in Baghdad, the city’s trade fair and other civilian buildings killing several people and wounding at least 25, At least five cars were crushed with drivers burned to death inside.

You may think to yourself, our boys could never do things like that. Watch this video  click to watch of US soldiers tormenting a crippled dog. The video of them shooting a dog has been pulled. People are more squeamish about killing dogs that killing Iraqi children.

While in Iraq we had a sport of killing dogs whenever the Iraqis weren’t shooting us. So when I shot this one at about 50 yards with my M4 and it ran yelping to lower ground, we had to finish it so my friends and I went to it and started shooting it. I’ve never seen a dog take as many shots to the head at least 4 as this one did and then after we thought it was dead we dug a hole and when I picked it up with the shovel it came back to life, so we shot it a couple more times…its pretty funny.
~ M. D. formerly of A TRP 1-10 CAV 4ID

The problem I had with choosing one source out of thousands of possibilities to illustrate each point is that you may have decided to discount anything from the source I selected. Before you dismiss these allegations, please do a google search yourself and see if you can find information from sources you do trust. You would expect as much from any citizen in Hitler’s Germany to investigate the allegations of atrocity, would you not, no matter how strenuously the state denied them or how outrageously barbaric they sounded.

Never believe anything in politics until it has been officially denied.
~ Otto von Bismarck (1815-04-01 1898-07-30 age:83)
The Pentagon shut down websites with news about the war. Your best bet for news is by passing it along in emails, or by searching Google for the lesser known sites.

In comparison the Iraqis have been perfect gentlemen with only two types of atrocity:

  1. beheading
  2. burning a corpse
  3. Washington Post’s report on the conditions in the Iraqi prisons: breaking hand bones to the point of permanent deformity, dislocating shoulders by hoisting prisoners into the air by their arms tied behind their backs, shooting, packing 122 prisoners to a cell and rape.


The atrocities of the Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan are nothing new. They are a direct consequence of imbalance of power. Americans overwhelm their victims in technology and wealth. That power necessarily corrupts. Humans, not just Americans, are hard wired to abuse excessive power over others. It took 500 years for the atrocities of the Spanish Conquistadors to become widely known. Spaniards, Nazis, Russians, Americans… like all humans, are deeply in denial of their own atrocities. They work hard to keep them hidden and to attack those who expose them.
The nationalist not only does not disapprove of atrocities committed by his own side, but he has a remarkable capacity for not even hearing about them.
~ George Orwell (1903-06-25 1950-01-21 age:46)

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