Republican Denial of the Iraq War

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Republican Denial

Republican denial of any American wrongdoing reaches preposterous heights. Republican with a straight face assert that $300 billion in arms killed no Iraqis, at least no children, that the Johns-Hopkins report on the casualties is a left wing conspiracy and completely false, that the bombs they saw on CNN (Cable News Network) leveling Baghdad killed no one, that there is no torture in Iraq, even though there have been criminal convictions, that Saddam masterminded 2001-09-11 even though Bush admitted he had no connection. Sometimes they will claim that every photo of the destruction and victims in Iraq are clever forgeries put out by the Iraqis. Sometimes they will even claim the Iraqis maim and kill their own children simply to take photos of them that will make the Americans look bad.

I wondered what could motivate people to lie so outrageously. Why were they supporting torture and anal rape of children? Surely 50% of American were not all sadistic paedophiles.

Here is how Northern Storm, a frequent poster in alt.politics.bush explains it: This is how Republicans see the Iraq war: “Sure, bad things happen in war but this war is very noble. Besides, that picture you’re shoving in my face is an isolated incident according to the administration and I’ll believe them before I believe you.

Moreover, these isolated incidents you’re pointing out, while tragic and regrettable, are out weighed by all the wonderful things we’re doing in Iraq. Haven’t you read about the wonderful new schools and hospitals we’re building for our friends the Iraqis?”

You have to keep in mind that the Republicans want (desperately) to believe it. Plus, they’re inundated every day with the rosy picture that FOX and Rush are paid to tell them. If a guy in a nice suit on TV tells them what they already want to believe, it’s pretty easy for them to fall in line.

Furthermore, most of them are young and idealistic. Many aren’t old enough to recall their government lying to them during the Viet Nam years.

Lastly, there’s always been an under the surface theme throughout public education in America that equates questioning the government as a lack of patriotism. To speak out makes you a traitor, in their minds.

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