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Abu Ghraib POW torture Pictures

After 9 years, Google decided to censor some of the images on this page which show Americans torturing Iraqi POWs (Prisoner Of Wars). Google explained they do not permit images of people being injured. There never were any Google AdSense ads on this page, but Google insists there are. They refuse to listen to my complaint. This is how a company behaves when a company gets too big with a monopoly.

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These photos show the tip of the iceberg of Americans torturing Iraqi POWs.

Americans Sexually Humiliating and Torturing Iraqis in Abu Ghraib Prison
Abu Ghraib punch
Abu Ghraib punch

Abu Ghraib torture prison, formerly used by Saddam Hussein, is pronounced roughly ah-boo guh-rabe.
Abu Ghraib sandwich
Abu Ghraib sandwich
Prisoner tortured to death packed in ice.
Prisoner tortured to death packed in ice.
Prisoner with burned arm.
Prisoner with burned arm.
Abu Ghraib hooding
Abu Ghraib hooding
A hooded and wired Iraqi prisoner at Abu Ghraib prison who reportedly was told that he would be electrocuted if he fell off a box. This series came from the Washington Post.
Abu Ghraib pile
Abu Ghraib pile

The smiling couple are Charles Graner and Lynndie England. You will meet them later.
Abu Ghraib blood
Abu Ghraib blood
Abu Ghraib dog Abu Ghraib Shit
That’s not a mud pack. That’s human feces.
Abu Ghraib dog
A mother of a returning soldier found this image, which is the first of a series in her son’s laptop. The dogs are trained to attack the genitals.
Abu Ghraib panty
Abu Ghraib panty
Abu Ghraib torture instruments
Abu Ghraib torture instruments
Abu Ghraib stress position
Abu Ghraib stress position
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More Abu Ghraib pictures

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